EAE Award Winners 2012

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Startrekmap.com (January 2012)
Ever since Star Trek first aired many fans have been wondering where all the stars and planets are located. There have been several attempts to bring order into the cartography of Star Trek, most notably at Star Trek Dimension and in the Star Trek Star Charts. However, as Startrekmap.com demonstrates, it is possible to improve on this previous work. I have been following the development of the site for a while (and contributed some feedback too). I am quite impressed with the presentation (clickable maps and PDF downloads) as well as with the quality of the maps themselves. It is definitely a special pleasure for me to announce that the EAE Award for January 2012 goes to Startrekmap.com, created by Simon Matthe.

(No award in February)

Star Trek - Sci Fi Blog (March 2012)
The current trend in Star Trek sites is specialized blogs that focus on things such as movie and celebrity news, episode reviews or funny findings in the internet. Star Trek - Sci Fi Blog by Spacerguy on the other hand does not fit into the usual categories. I like this blog because it reminds me of the good old times 15 years ago when Trek on the web was still dominated by individual fans, rather than by big communities or companies with their mainstreaming effect. It is a bit like the whole world of Trek in one blog, and it is very personal too. In Spacerguy's own words: "At an early age I was infected by a pesky space bug which got me hooked on Star Trek." Don't miss his take on Star Trek's 45th anniversary. Design-wise Star Trek - Sci Fi Blog is pleasant to browse. Only the crowded side bar could need a clean-up because its code takes rather long to load and to execute. Anyway, congratulations to Spacerguy, a true fan who doesn't need to be reminded to keep on Trekking! 

(No award from April to May)

Ariane's Star Trek Gallery (June 2012)
Although Ariane's Star Trek Gallery had been in existence since the last century already, I only discovered the site some three years ago when I was looking for screen caps from the movie "Star Trek (2009)". Ariane's site at Trekcaps.net comes with a wonderful design and presents high-quality screen caps and high-resolution photos from all Star Trek series, plus some fan artwork. On the more technical side, it is not just another fan-made Star Trek image gallery but a professionally organized site that takes advantage of the latest techniques, much like commercial image communities such as Flickr or Deviantart. I would like to thank Ariane for maintaining the site for so long and for always keeping it up to date despite all the technical difficulties and occasional hosting disasters. This EAS Award is particularly well deserved!

(No award from July to August)

Krillmeed's Star Trek Site (September 2012)
While I have known Krillmeed's Star Trek Site for many years, I admit that I underestimated it for quite a long time. Perhaps it was because in the early days of Trek in the internet so many sites used to have rather playful LCARS interfaces that I saw not so much special in it. But to be honest, I also reckoned that an all-in-one site with all kinds of pictures, sounds and facts couldn't possibly work without becoming cluttered and hopelessly outdated after several years. When I look at Krillmeed's site today, after some 15(!) years in existence, it is truly impressive and consists of no less than 188,174 files on several sub-sites, all accessible through a common LCARS interface. It is obvious that I was wrong - but only because of the webmaster's extraordinary dedication to his work in this case. Krillmeed has been updating and revamping the site all the time, successfully mastering the often unsolicited challenges of web design and hosting. My congratulations to Krillmeed aka Paul Egan!

(No award from October to December)


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