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(No award from January to November 2019)

Some Kind of Star Trek (December 2019)
Launched in 2012, Some Kind of Star Trek (SKoST) is a blog with reviews of episodes, games, books, miniatures and other merchandise. This description doesn't sound very exciting because it is just what a fan expects from a Star Trek website. Yet, although there are two or three other (and bigger) sites that offer essentially the same, SKoST has gained a very good reputation and a respectable followership. Whenever I visit the site, I am grateful that it posts only news and opinions that are relevant and that it spares us meaningless interviews and baseless ramblings. Their absence makes the valuable content even easier to find, although it means that SKoST is not updated every day. Speaking of finding content, the site is overall arranged as a blog with all the usual problems of vanishing "old" articles, but the additional menu proves very helpful in staying informed about topics such as the Official Starships Collection. As a general rule, articles at SKoST are thoroughly written, rather than being a just bunch of random observations. I may disagree with quite a few things posted at SKoST, but I like the well-reasoned way opinions are presented here. Rather than trying to defy or decry opposing views, the writers simply tell what they think, and why. Thanks to Clive Burrell and his co-writers for maintaining a great Star Trek site from fans and for fans!

(No award from December 2019 to February 2024)

Star Trek + Design (March 2024)
It's been a long time since I last gave out an old-fashioned award. But I think I should revive the tradition to praise the incessant efforts of Eno Farley to identify furniture and other real-life objects in Star Trek and to present them. Besides contributing greatly to the lists of Commercially Available Chairs and Commercially Available Lighting at EAS and posting at Instagram, Eno also maintains a website named Star Trek + Design. The site design is unassuming in a "form follows function" fashion. Rather than being organized the "lazy" way as a blog with random entries that you'd have to scroll through, Star Trek + Design has a well-ordered menu that allows to browse identified object by type (Glassware, Tableware, Seating, Tables, Lighting, Miscellaneous). Each object is presented on an individual page, with photos, screen caps and additional information on the designers. Overall, Star Trek + Design is much like a one-stop site to look for real-life design objects that appeared in Star Trek. Be sure to check out Eno's own collection of Trek-related items too!

(No award since March 2024)


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