EAE Award Winners 2013

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Trek.fm (January 2013)
I often complain that the Web 2.0 killed the good old Star Trek sites, overruling the fans' personal efforts with mainstreamed "swarm intelligence", and replacing the individual touch of their sites with the uniform style dictated by big companies. Trek.fm uses all the techniques of the Web 2.0. Yet, the site combines the best of both worlds. Trek.fm offers podcasts, videos, articles and news much like a traditional personal Star Trek site, but accomplishes all this in the environment of a community, and apparently a quite prolific one. Its individuality is visible in the content provided by various contributors, but also in the pleasant design of the site that is not disrupted by ads. I especially like the countless comic-style illustrations, which are among the best I have seen on any site. My only slight point of criticism is that some older articles or news items are hard to find, owing to the lack of a sub-menu structure, a sitemap or a browsable archive. In any case Trek.fm is so versatile and so nice to read and to listen to that it deserves an EAE Award by all means.

(No award from February to August)

MadMan's Shipyard (September 2013)
I have no idea of the techniques of 3D design and I can only admire the final result even if it contains slight imperfections. Yet, I have certain expectations when it comes to starships in 3D, expectations that Ricky Wallace aka MadMan fulfills. He certainly knows how to handle the software and create shapes. He also has an eye for the details and textures that make a design feel "real". And perhaps most notably, besides modeling established ships or slight variations thereof, MadMan has the imagination to try out unusual design directions. For instance, he has developed a whole line of Abramsverse designs, a more detailed "ideal" Prime Universe Enterprise (together with Rick Carthew) and even starships in the style of Disney's "Cars". MadMan presents his work the old-fashioned way, in self-compiled galleries and on download pages. It may not be the biggest but is one of the most well-rounded 3D artwork websites. I can't get enough of MadMan's work, a bit of which is on display at EAS too, and I think he deserves one of my (now rare!) EAE Awards.

(No award from October to December)


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