EAE Award Winners 2014

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TrekNews.net (January 2014)
Most of the early sites (until about 2005) with news about the Star Trek franchise and licensed products didn't last longer than just one or two years. But despite the lack of new Trek on TV the online coverage of Star Trek topics has changed for the better. TrekNews.net is a site that has been around for a while and that I visit on a regular basis. Like many other news sites, it is arranged as a blog. One thing that I like about TrekNews.net is the presentation. Each entry on the main page consists of a large picture and a text block with well-formatted paragraphs, which is a pleasant contrast to the layout of many other blogs, let alone the cluttered format of Facebook. And while TrekNews.net suffers from some commonly known drawbacks of blogs such as a lack of a navigation structure, it includes direct links to tags such as "Reviews", "Star Trek Conventions", "Star Trek Into Darkness", "TNG in HD", so the news on important topics is easy to find. Since a few other news sites have already received the EAS Award, it is only fair to honor the great work of Brian Wilkins, his staff and contributors in the same fashion.

(No award from February to August)

Star Trek HD (September 2014)
The EAE Award goes to a German blog that doesn't only cover similar topics as EAS (episode and Blu-ray reviews including nitpicking). In a way, Star Trek HD is just as I would want to make my own site look and work if I had the chance to start from scratch again. Star Trek HD comes with a pleasant and modern design, with commendable navigation (in an era where menu bars are increasingly abandoned on other sites) and with a great presentation of the articles, in the preview as well as the full version. Even the ads blend in as if they were designed specifically for the site. Created by long-time fans and prop collectors Christian Hinze and Christian Bewernick, Star Trek HD has become a prime source of information on new Star Trek releases for German speaking fans. It is a compendium with a personal touch just like EAS, but also a forum for a small but active community. In any case, Star Trek HD is one of the few new fan sites that thrive on diligent work, and not on postings of funny pictures with some random text.

(No award from October to December)


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