EAE Award Winners 2015

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(No award from January to September)

Star Trek: The Animated Voyages (October 2015)
It has a been over a year since I gave out the last EAE Award. A year in which the decline of traditional websites and blogs has continued. But there are still people who boldly defy the trend. Such as Jon Markiewitz, who takes the effort to present his TAS-style webcomics on a custom-made website. The EAE Award is not just for the website design, but it goes just as well to his beautifully drawn and entertaining comics. The third issue will be released shortly. The design of Star Trek: The Animated Voyages has recently been upgraded too. The website is a perfect framework for the comic, which doesn't require any plug-ins like an overblown Flash player but can be viewed directly as a series of images in the browser. Well, a lean PHP script might be helpful to thumb through the pages, but that is a minor issue on a great site. The site design feels like a homage to the 1990s just as much as to the style of TAS, and shows that the color scheme doesn't always have to be conformist dark gray on light gray. Finally, Star Trek: The Animated Voyages also defies the rule that all artists have terrible websites. Congratulations to Jon Markiewitz! I'm looking forward to further issues of his imaginative series.

(No award in November)

Enterprise-D 3D Project (December 2015)
A few months ago a new project caught my attention, whose goal is nothing less than the 3D reconstruction of the interior of the Enterprise-D. This is like dream coming true for me and for other fans, who have been following the series attentively and who would love to walk through the familiar rooms as well as the so far unexplored spaces on the huge ship. Jason, who runs the project, sticks to the look and feel of the Enterprise-D as established on screen and incorporates Andrew Probert's original ideas wherever possible. The reconstructed interior is built using the Unreal Game Engine, which allows walk-throughs as well as future game developments. Unfortunately the walk-through demo of the already finished sections, including the spacious Shuttlebay 1 and the bridge, was taken down by YouTube "due to a copyright claim by CBS" (more likely by a bot that tags anything related to Star Trek that isn't officially licensed). It remains to be seen if and how the project can continue. For now, there is a nicely designed website that describes the project, names and explains the references and shows off some sample pictures. There is also a forum for visitors to pose questions and make suggestions. I keep my fingers crossed that Jason will find a way to carry on with or without the blessing of CBS.


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