EAE Award Winners 2016

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(No award from January to October)

LCARSGFX - Padsbrat's Doings and Musings (November 2016)
LCARSGFX - Padsbrat's Doings and Musings is the showcase for the LCARS artwork of Alexander Richardson. His LCARS cross-sections of many Star Trek ships, canon and fan-designed, make up the biggest part of the site. And they are amazing. I love the level of detail in the drawings, as well as the era-specific color schemes of the single ships. Moreover, I cherish any effort to flesh out what is inside our favorite ships because I always tried hard but was never good at that. Alexander knows very well how to create 2D artwork, and he knows how to present it. The website is organized as a Workpress blog. It is frequently updated with new artwork, with making-ofs or with random musings. The blog has an LCARS look, but only for the background, while the core of the design uses a modern theme with stacked boxes and with a better legible font. Still, it all matches up very well. There are very few new Star Trek sites and few are left that deserve an EAE Award, but Alexander's blog is definitely among them. Congratulations!

(No award in December)


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