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The Star Trek Design Project (August 2018)
The emblems, insignia and other symbols of Star Trek are much more than just decoration. The Starfleet arrowhead and the Klingon emblem, for instance, are so ingrained in the franchise that even Discovery doesn't disregard them. But there are also the many obscure symbols that could be briefly glimpsed in single episodes. There have been various efforts to redraw these symbols, including my own humble attempts. The Star Trek Design Project is the most systematic one so far. The goal of the site is to show accurate reproductions of all canon symbols, and only of canon symbols, along with screen caps as references. There are currently 232 symbols in the collection. It is laudable that Brad Wilder, who created the graphics, presents them on a conventional website and not on one of the various social media platforms. The only slight criticism is that there is currently no way to see what is new. I discovered The Star Trek Design Project just a few days ago but I am sure it deserves one of the rare EAE Awards.

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