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The database lists all canon starships and other spaceborne constructions of the Star Trek Universe by races and classes. Schematic side views and technical specs are included where available. The data is mainly based on the very episodes and on official sources. In some cases, however, obvious errors had to be corrected. Inconsistencies or oddities are discussed in the annotations. Read more about the database structure.


Earth & Federation

Starfleet Ship Classes A-K

Starfleet Ship Classes L-Z

Other Starfleet Ship Classes - uncertain and unknown

Civilian Federation Ship Classes

Federation Shuttlecraft - and other small auxiliary vehicles

Federation Probes - unmanned space vehicles

Federation Space Stations - fixed spaceborne installations

Federation Ground Transportation - bound to the ground

Earth Ship Classes - Pre-Federation (prior to 2161)

Future Ship Classes - of the 26th century and beyond


Major Aliens

Vulcan Ship Classes - Pre-Federation (prior to 2161)

Klingon Ship Classes - from all eras

Romulan Ship Classes - from all eras

Ferengi Ship Classes - from all eras

Cardassian Ship Classes

Bajoran Ship Classes

Dominion and Allied Ship Classes

Borg Ship Classes

Suliban Ship Classes

Xindi Ship Classes


Various Aliens

Alpha and Beta Quadrant Ships A-E

Alpha and Beta Quadrant Ships F-K

Alpha and Beta Quadrant Ships L-R

Alpha and Beta Quadrant Ships S-Z

Alpha and Beta Quadrant Ships of Unknown Affiliation

Gamma Quadrant Ships

Delta Quadrant Ships A-E

Delta Quadrant Ships F-K

Delta Quadrant Ships L-R

Delta Quadrant Ships S-Z

Delta Quadrant Ships of Unknown Affiliation


Anomalous Starships

Ancient or Mysterious Ships - whose owners don't show up

Space-Dwelling Lifeforms - organic or conscious vessels

Mirror Universe Ships - from TOS, DS9 and ENT

Confederation Timeline Ships - from PIC season 2

Non-Existent Ships - that were made up for varying reasons


Animated Star Trek

TAS Starfleet & Federation Ship Classes

TAS Alien Ship Classes

Lower Decks Starfleet & Federation Ship Classes

Lower Decks Alien Ship Classes

Prodigy Starfleet & Federation Ship Classes

Prodigy Alien Ship Classes



Abramsverse Federation Ship Classes

Abramsverse Alien Ship Classes



Discoverse Federation Ship Classes - 23rd century, from DIS and SNW

Discoverse Alien Ship Classes - 23rd century, from DIS and SNW

Discoverse Klingon Ship Classes - 23rd century, from DIS and SNW

Discovery Future Federation Ship Classes

Discovery Future Alien Ship Classes

Discovery Mirror Universe Ship Classes



Many of the images in this section are taken from official sources such as the Star Trek Encyclopedia II, the Star Trek Encyclopedia (2016) the DS9 Technical Manual, the Star Trek Fact Files, Star Trek: The Magazine or the Eaglemoss Official Starships Collection. Note that some of these were cleaned up and obvious errors were corrected. A number of schematics (namely Academy trainer craft, Antares NCC-501, Archer's model, Birdseye, Bonaventure from the Chronology, Centaur, Cheyenne, Constitution original, Excelsior variant 1, "Star Trek (2009)" shuttle, Mars defense perimeter, New Orleans, Ptolemy, Saladin, Springfield, Sydney, Raven, Talarian ships and variants, Tamarian ship and variants, Tosk ship and several TAS ships) are copyright of Ex Astris Scientia.

Special thanks go to Mike Swantak for the Ambassador, to Tim Davies for the Excelsiors, to Gus for the "Star Trek (2009)" Enterprise, to Sean Thornton for the Enterprise-A (alt.), to Pundus for the Odyssey, to MadMan and The-Didact for two versions of the Vengeance, to Chris G. for the "Star Trek (2009)" Spacedock, Klingon "Warbird" (models by MadMan), Whale Probe, "Nemesis" drydock (mesh by S-Stephen), TMP drydock (mesh by Prologic9), McKinley drydock (mesh by Eric Peterson), Warp Five Complex (mesh by Beda of Borg) and several images from Lower Decks, to Dávid Metlesits for the Klingon DIS ships (rendered based on models from Star Trek Adversaries), to Dave Combe for the DIS BoP and Sarcophagus ship, to C.HellenBrandt for the D'Arsay archive, Farpoint lifeform, interface probe, Melkotian buoy, ultraviolet satellite, standard D5, the "Star Trek (2009)" escape pod, forklift and more, to Ryan Church for Kirk's motorbike concept art, the Breen ship and the Klingon Augment ship, to Tobias Richter who created the USS Kelvin mesh, to James Chung for Picard concept art, to Daniel Petri for the reconstructed Aurora and the Class J from TOS-R, to Kristian Trigwell for Nomad, DY-100, DY-500, Valiant, Utopia Planitia, TAS personal spacecraft and some emblems, to Chris Spinnler for the Challenger, to Masaki Taniko who modified the Constitution refit, Miranda, Nebula variants, Curry and "Raging Queen", to Robert Bonchune for posting the official Intrepid-type, Delta ship and Kumari renders and who created many renders for recent official publications, to Doug Drexler for posting renders by several CGI artists such as Robert Bonchune, including the "Emmette", NX-Alpha, Arctic One, Arctic One Borgified, three-fingered drydock, multispatial probe, all Vulcan CGI ships, Cardassian workbee, 22nd century Ferengi ship, Nausicaan raider, all Suliban ships, Arkonian warship, Kreetassan ship, Kago Darr's shuttle, Malurian ship, Takret ship, Tandaran patrol ship, Valakian ship, Xantoran patrol ship, "Crossing" alien ship, Reptohumanoid ship and variants, Ledosian ships, Markonian outpost, Venatic, "Alice", "Silent Enemy" ship & shuttle and "Dead Stop" station, to John Eaves for the "Communicator" fighter, the Triannon vessel, the "Extinction" vessel, Xindi-Insectoid vessel 2 and the Axanar combat ship, to Irishman for drawings of Earth Starfleet ships, to Sven Lindemann for intermediate images, to Harry for parts of the early spaceship I, to Thorsten Junk for the Reman shuttle, to Raul Quiles who provided the Shuttlepod 1 and inspection pod schematics, to Kris Olinger who modified the Challenger, to Graham Kennedy for cleaning up and coloring the Starfleet probes, to Masao Okazaki for drawing the Daedalus, Bonaventure, Huron and TAS cargo drone, to Simon Golding for intermediate images, to E. Jakobsson for the Yeager and Elkins, to Jeff Russell for V'ger, to David Matteson for the NX-02 emblem, to viperaviator for the Franklin emblem, to Tobias Weimann for a couple of emblems, to Animaniac for the 22nd century Tholian ship and finally to Alice Orbán for subspace amplifier, Cardassian escape pod, Enolian vessels, Kobali shuttle, Malcorian ship, Malon freighter 2, Malurian shuttle, Mazarite shuttle & variants, Sikarian ship, Tarkalean freighter, Tellarite shuttle, Tsunkatse ship, Vissian ships, some of the Xindi ships, and several more.

Jörg Hillebrand has provided innumerable screen caps and invaluable observations. Most other screen caps are from TrekCore, Ariane's Star Trek Gallery,, Neutral Zone Starship Database or The Guardian of Forever. The photo of the Miranda-class USS Trial is courtesy of Larry Nemecek. Some images are based on Jim Stevenson's Starship Schematics. A reliable list of all canon starship appearances can be found in D. Joseph Creighton's The STArchive from where I extracted some useful data. Several facts about TAS ships came from Curt Danhauser's Guide to Animated Star Trek. I would also like to acknowledge The Unofficial Star Trek Fact Files Index,, Sector 0-0-1, Pedro's Shiporama, Frank Gerratana's Starfleet Ship Designs, Steve Pugh's Vessels of Starfleet, Adam Brooks, Adam Buckner, AJ, Alex Köhnen, Alexander Hartmann, Ambassador, Andrew Halliday, Andros, Andy Kinnear, B. J. Olejnik, Bounty, Brendan Stone, Brian Hunter, cardinal biggles, Colin, Dan Carlson, Daniel Anderson, DAS, doubleofive, Ed Bailey, Erich Mohr, Erik Filean, Florian Ollivier, Frank Bitterhof, George Nicolaides, Greg, Gvsualan, Harry, J, Jeff W, Jake Stotsky, Jason Schmus, Jim Morrissey, Jimmie R. Giboney, Jochen Gnida, John Mesiavech, Kevin, Kratisto, Lee McDonald, Lennier, Lester, Maik Leon Ehnert, Mariner Class, Mark Gill, Micah Haber, Michael Lanzinger, Mike, moreorlesser, Muchu, Paragon, Paul Doize, psycopunkn, Ralph Spitzner, Raymond J Impastato Jr, Rick, Rob Minnes, Robert, Scott Fletcher, Sol System, Stacy Smith, Stefan Posner, Stefan Rypalla, Stephen L., Tadeo D'Oria, Thomas Owens, Thorsten, Trolleybus and Tuskin38 for ship pictures and information. Several more people helped me through their comments in the Flare Sci-Fi Forums. My special thanks to Colin and Boris S. who have provided lots of little-known information. Last but not least, special thanks to Michael Chabon and Dave Blass for sharing some information from behind the screen with us.


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