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Merry Christmas to all of you! As some sort of gift, here is a fun article about re-used props with no less than 140 pictures: Part 1, Part 2. Thanks to Jörg for his meticulous research!

I have added the recent Vulcan and Andorian ships to the Starship Database.

As announced, here are the reviews of "The Forge", "Awakening" and "Kir'Shara". I watched them yesterday and wrote the reviews tonight. Now I could need a break...

Beginning with a revised analysis of Vulcan Mind Melds and some smaller changes such as in the Timeline I am incorporating the changes in the literally revolutionary Vulcan story arc. Reviews will follow soon.

More fan fiction: Read Transition - The Next Chapter by Dominick Carlucci.

New stories by Drew Z.: The Rebecca Gangies Story and Patriotic Chorus, Part I, Part II.

Read the episode review of "The Augments".

Congratulations go to Luigi Rosa. His site HyperTrek wins this month's EAE Award!

Among many smaller updates I have revamped the general considerations on time travel which now include new ideas and equivalent system descriptions of the theories.



The episode review of "Cold Station 12" is ready.

Here comes Star Trek Renegade II - The Return of the Corinthian, a story by J. Grey.

It was a major effort although not everyone may notice the result. The text color at EAS is now light gray instead of white, and the episode reviews are in normal text to improve legibility. Naturally the conversion wasn't fully automated. Please don't hesitate to report any occurrences of wrong colors and messy layout to me!

And here comes the review of "Borderland". I have also added a few new ships and facts, including the ones from this episode. Thanks to Alice, Irishman and Jörg!

It's a bit late, but here is my review of "Home".

Here is a write-up about random examples of Bad Ethics in Star Trek.

Congratulations to Karen of Strange Fascination, winner of this month's EAE Award. Thanks a lot to the Ottens Library for presenting the Elegance Award to EAS.



I received sad news that Alice Orbán's mother died of a lung embolism on Wednesday. If you can spare a minute, please see the condolence thread. My best wishes go to Alice who contributed greatly to the Starship Database.

On the joyful side of today's update, see renditions of the EAS designs Java class (by The Red Admiral), Indus class and Caesar class (both by Lennier).

Recent updates: some new clichés and new considerations about history and geography.

The malevolent review of the anticipated disaster named "Storm Front".

Finally a JoAT update. See all New Designs on one page. More stuff is being prepared. 

Congratulations to Andreas of Green Mole, the recipient of this month's EAE Award!

As already announced, I attended the Galileo 7 Convention on Saturday, October 2nd. Here is a Con report with some pictures.

Recent updates in the Starship Database: early Earth spaceship, shuttles from "Nemesis", Farius Prime air tram, Malcorian warp ship, and more. Thanks to Alice!

Like it happens very often when I'm away for one day, Mozilla killed most of my e-mails from this weekend. If you don't receive a reply until Tuesday, please try again.



I'll be on the Galileo 7 Con this weekend and hopefully see Patrick Stewart among other renowned guests.

Thanks to Outpost 10f for the Site of the Month Award!

Enjoy a richly illustrated article (or rather a commented gallery?) about Re-Used Planet Sets.

Everything about the Variations of the Dominion Battlecruiser in our latest write-up.

Yet another article from Jörg's inexhaustible screen cap archive! It details the Redresses of the Mondor.

Various updates in the Starship Database, such as new drawings of all Pakled ship incarnations. As usual, thanks to Alice and Jörg!

All you could ever want to know about Ferengi shuttles can be found in a new article. In addition, there are updates especially to the Romulan Starships.

Finally I'm pleased to announce that the EAE Award for September goes to Star Trek: The Animated Series.

Happy Star Trek Day! See a reworked page on Cardassian Ship Classes and a new article about Redresses of the Groumall.

Due to a server move and the necessary DNS change some parts of the site may not always work everywhere during the next three days.

Some small recent changes: reflections on Paris/Locarno, on hull stress at impulse, revised Promellian battlecruiser, pictures of labels with jokes.

A new story of the SID series by Travis Anderson, "Reprisal", has been posted. Thanks to Prometheus Fleets for their award!



Here is a Starfleet Museum update with great miniatures of the 23rd century fighters, some new ship patches and a couple of new renders.

After trouble with the FTP connection, the missing images for the article Redresses of the Batris are finally complete.

Here is the promised new article about the Redresses of the Batris (prepare to forget most of what you believed to know about them). Please take part in the new Poll.

The new domain is now operational on this server. An article with completely new facts about the Batris redresses is coming shortly.

Furthermore, thanks to USS Admiral Federation Awards!

A new article on the Redresses of the Straleb Vessel. Furthermore, considerations about the Boslics. Thanks to Jörg!

One of the most interesting Trek sites, Star Trek Dimension, is online again, now co-hosted with EAS. We apologize for the currently awkward redirect. A new domain will be activated shortly.

Congratulations to Oliver of Star Trek Endeavour, this month's EAE Award winner! More updates can be found in the Ship Database (and still much more to come). Thanks to Alice and Jörg!

The considerations about The Trill Problem and Races with Changing Faces have been revised and supplemented with new screen caps by Jörg. Read the new write-up about the Kobheerians and Dopterians.



The screen capture reviewing continues. Here is a write-up about Redresses of the Talarian Warship, based on Jörg Hillebrand's analysis. In addition we have supplemented the observations about Bolians.

Big update in the starship section. There is a new article about the various Redresses of the Talarian Observation Craft, once again based on Jörg Hillebrand's observations. There is still more to come!

A second new feature, co-authored by Sebastian Quevedo-Busch, presents our Nebula Class Observations - a close look at the ship's details.

Thanks to Jörg Hillebrand's screen caps and observations the article about Kazon Ship Sizes has been completely revised, and there are updates about
Federation Shuttles and Ferengi Ship Classes. More to come soon.

Farewell Jerry Goldsmith. The composer of the unforgettable scores of "The Motion Picture" and "First Contact" died last night.

A new story, Tribbless Troubles, of the Star Trek Renegade series by J. Grey.

Furthermore, some new ship images by Sven Lindemann (Conestoga, Andorian cruiser) and Alice Orban.

Thanks to Sven Lindemann who provided several precise drawings of Earth ships which can be found in the Earth Ships Database and the Earth Ships Gallery.

There is also a new page with ships from the Mirror Universe.

Congratulations to Gary of the The Unofficial Star Trek Fact Files Index! He wins this month's EAE Award.

Thanks to The Prussian Space Navy and to Alpha Fleet for their awards!

Read about Kirk's time during the refit phase of his ship in Transition - Part 2 by Dominick Carlucci.



An alarming number of dead Links had to be removed, but there are a few new ones too. I'm also systematically running the spell check to get rid of typos (still too many as I noticed).

This season's ENT reviews close with "Alien Nazis, Part III" aka "Zero Hour". To be honest, I have to apologize for not really reviewing the episode.

And here is "Countdown". Several other sections of the site have been updated with the latest information.

The review of "The Council", along with a reworked section on Xindi Ships (once again thanks to Alice!).

More updates in the Starship Database, like ships that appeared on displays etc. Please follow the signs.

Thanks to Robert and A Call to Duty for providing scans of interiors of the Enterprise-D (battle bridge II, sickbay, Picard's quarters, nacelle control room), and Defiant main engineering.

Congratulations to Star Trek Voyager Info, winner of this month's EAE Award!

Some updates in the Starship Database (thanks to Alice!), plus renders of the Fabrux class (thanks to Lance!).



I have reviewed "E2" and added a brief write-up of the time travel phenomena in the episode.

Furthermore, the Horizon Encyclopedia by Ruben Hilbers has been updated.

Hier ist eine kritische Vorschau auf "(T)Raumschiff Surprise", Michael Herbigs Filmklamauk (a criticism of a movie farce very loosely based on Star Trek).

Here comes Through the Looking Glass - Part 3, the final part of the Renegade II pilot by J. Grey.

Several new images and thumbnails in the Starship Database. Check out the Serosian ship and Malon escape pod. Thanks once again to Alice Orban!

Congratulations to The Tricorder Site, winner of this month's EAE Award!

The third and final part of Pax Romana, the novel by Travis Anderson, is ready.

And here comes "The Forgotten", plus some updates elsewhere, especially to the Xindi Ships.

Here is my review of "Damage".

I have also updated the Links page, removed some dead places, and added some new.



Der Beitrag Star Trek auf deutsch befaßt sich mit den Tücken der Übersetzung (an article about the German translation of Star Trek).

Here is a new story, set just after TOS: Transition by Dominick Carlucci.

A catastrophic failure of Mozilla has shredded my mailbox of the whole weekend. If you expect a reply from me, please try again.

Starfleet Museum update, mostly new renders and ship patches of the Avenger and Predator class.

Once again several updates in the Starship Database, including a page with ship-like
Space-Dwelling Lifeforms. Thanks to Alice Orban for many thumbnail pics!

New in the Journal of Applied Treknology: Starfleet Marines Equipment.

This month's EAE Award goes to Star Trek Media. Congratulations!

New poll: Who is your favorite Enterprise character?

Furthermore, there are a few updates in the Starship Database. Please follow the signs.

Here is the third part of  Star Trek: Horizon - Into a Shattered Place by Ruben Hilbers.

The Fan Fiction section is getting a distinctive look and may be overhauled to facilitate navigation at a later date.

Added Renegade II Character Gallery and Renegade II Ship Gallery.



There are several updates in the Starship Database. Please follow the signs.

Here is the review of "Azati Prime". Also, several parts of the site have been updated with information from the episode.

And here comes "Hatchery". A series back on Trek again... The new ships from the episode are in the Starship Database.

My review of "Doctor's Orders" is finished. You can beat me, but this was yet another absolutely awful Trek installment. 

Here is the second part of J. Grey's pilot for Renegade II, Through the Looking Glass - Part 2.

Don't read my review of "Harbinger" if you liked the episode. You have been warned!

A few new designs in the Journal of Applied Treknology.

And here is the one of "Stratagem".

Congratulations to Star Trek Norge, this month's EAE Award winner!

The review of "Proving Ground" is ready.



Here is an extensive article on Religion in Star Trek. Readers are requested to bear in mind that this has always been a controversial topic, and the article can't and doesn't strive to provide an ultimate solution.

Here is another part of In Harm's Way.

The second part of Pax Romana, the novel by Travis Anderson, is ready.

Another random JoAT update. More to come soon. On a related note, with at most one hour per day left to work on this website, it is impossible to post more than a small percentage of the submitted JoAT designs or fan fiction. In particular, I will no longer reformat or retype any texts. As I have more and better things to do, I will mercilessly discard anything sent to me that doesn't *closely* follow the harsh guidelines outlined for JoAT designs and fan fiction.

Congratulations to SDCE, winner of this month's EAE Award. The Horizon Encyclopedia by Ruben Hilbers has been updated.

The second part of  Star Trek: Horizon - Into a Shattered Place by Ruben Hilbers is ready.



Here is the review of "Chosen Realm". Also, several parts of the site have been updated with information from the most recent episodes.

I'm posting the first part of J. Grey's pilot for Renegade II, Through the Looking Glass - Part 1. There is also a review of "Carpenter Street".

Here is the review of "Similitude". More reviews will follow shortly.

Thanks to Raul Quiles for his precise drawings of the NX shuttlepod and inspection pod. Colored side views in the Starship Database.

The new story by Travis Anderson is entitled Covert Force. It is a crossover with Star Trek Renegade - The Tides of Destruction. Tip: Read both of them.

Happy New Year! The EAE Award for January 2004 goes to Janet's Star Trek Voyager Site. Congratulations!

There are a couple of new images by Alice Orban in the Starship Database, most notably the Axanar ship.


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