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There are once again several updates in the Inconsistencies section, in particular about the look of the "true" Rigelians (and other species) and about the Rigel system.

More from the backlog: some re-used furniture, re-used costumes & badges and re-used interiors.

Merry Christmas! Here is a small article summarizing the appearances of The Starfleet Command Emblem in Star Trek Enterprise.

I have prepared some more images of 22nd & 23rd Century Starfleet Uniforms, 24th Century Starfleet Uniforms and Alien Weapons.

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of "Star Trek: Insurrection" I have watched the movie once again (enjoying it a lot after all the years), while taking some notes about inconsistencies in it.

Sad news: Majel Barrett-Roddenberry passed away this morning at the age of 76. The wife of the late Star Trek creator appeared as "Number One", Nurse Chapel and Lwaxana Troi, and she lent her voice to the computer in all Trek series. Just recently she completed her work in that role for the new feature film "Star Trek XI".

"What You Leave Behind" concludes my DS9 reviews, but they will continue in season 4. And yes, I know it's a strange order.

See what is going on in Trek fandom, with selected feeds from, New Voyages, Trek Online and more sites: Trek Feeds (now officially online after a successful test phase).

Jeff Russell's Starship Dimensions wins this month's EAE Award. Congratulations!

From the backlog: I have added a few bloopers, some re-used TOS devices and re-used furniture.

The new Poll question is an obvious one: After seeing the trailer, what is your feeling about "Star Trek XI"?

I have added a couple of banners made by Darkstone (winner of the banner design contest at the SCN in 2007), Jochen G. and John Pearse.

After all the hassle with the new Enterprise and the movie trailer, I'm finally having fun again. Here are the reviews of "Extreme Measures" and "The Dogs of War".



Updates in the Starfleet Museum: deck plans of several more vessels by Allen Rolfes and renders of the Dragon class by Andrew Hall.

We have compiled a shot-by-shot comparison of The Library Computer Scene of "The Cage" in TOS and TOS Remastered. It's only a little article but with lots of images. Special thanks to Mike Okuda for some annotations!

Some new or updated Starfleet bridges by BobyE, including comparison charts.

I know I'm repeating myself, but there are still more updates on the Star Trek XI Ship Classes page: a new ship and a second shuttle.

I have added better screen caps and corrected side views to the Star Trek XI Ship Classes page.

Another update to the Star Trek XI Ship Classes, now with information from the trailer.

Beware: The new Enterprise! After the first shock I have compiled a commentary about the ship and how I will deal with it.

Here is a rant about Internet Annoyances that I have been observing. Don't read on if you believe the internet is a place where the sun always shines and the people are always kind to each other. ;-)

New Poll question. Which is the worst Trek movie or episode of any series? I had to limit the length of the list, so sorry if I didn't include your personal least favorite.

Enjoy the new article comparing the Starships in TOS and TOS Remastered (incl. space stations, shuttles, probes, etc.). As usual, special thanks to Jörg Hillebrand, Mike Okuda and!

DS9's Final Chapter approaches its conclusion. Here are the reviews of "When It Rains" and "Tacking Into the Wind".

Thanks once again to BobyE, who has worked out the differences between a few Starfleet bridges, such as the Enterprise bridge from TMP to TWOK.

This month's EAE Award goes to the Polish website USS Phoenix. Congratulations!

Here is another new article by Jörg and me, with support from and with several valuable comments from Max Gabl and Mike Okuda. This time we have a closer look at Planet Surfaces in TOS and TOS Remastered. We investigate the matte paintings depicting planet surfaces in TOS and compare them to the new ones created for TOS-R in a "before & after" Gallery.



While two big articles with loads of images are almost finished, here are still two more DS9 reviews: "Strange Bedfellows" and "The Changing Face of Evil".

Two more DS9 reviews: "Penumbra" and "'Til Death Do Us Part".

The next two DS9 reviews: "Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang" and "Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges".

Several new photos from the new Star Trek movie are shown at, Entertainment Weekly and other sites. Among them is the USS Kelvin NCC-0514, which you can also find on my
Star Trek XI Ship Classes page by now. Please follow the external links to see some more images, such as the crew in their neat uniforms and the flashy new Enterprise bridge.

Two more DS9 reviews, this time of "Field of Fire" and "Chimera".

Find ten more interior illustrations in the Galleries, such as the Dinaal hospital Level Red and Level Blue, as well as the holographic "Capt. Proton" rocket and "Fortress of Doom".

The winner of this month's EAE Award is Adge's Star Trek LCARS Site. Congratulations!



Read my pitiless reviews of two mediocre DS9 episodes: "Prodigal Daughter" and "The Emperor's New Cloak".

Two more DS9 reviews: "Covenant" and "It's Only a Paper Moon".

I have added another 11 Starfleet Bridge Illustrations and Alien Bridge Illustrations. This is probably the last batch, unless drawings of the same quality will be produced in the future.

Thanks to Star Trek Voyager Info for the STVI Site of the Month award!

A massive new article on Planets in TOS and TOS Remastered (3 pages) investigates the planet models that could be seen in TOS and compares them to their TOS-R counterparts in a colorful "before&after" gallery. It was compiled by Jörg and me in a joint venture with We have included several comments from Max Gabl and Mike Okuda, who were working on TOS Remastered for CBS Digital.

This week's DS9 reviews: "Once More Unto the Breach" and "The Siege of AR-558".

New DS9 reviews: "Chrysalis" and "Treachery, Faith and the Great River".

Just a quick note that I have removed the Sitemeter counter from all pages in order to protect the security and privacy of EAS visitors.

New Poll question. Elect the best English-speaking Star Trek website.

EAE Award for September 2008 goes to Kethinov's Star Trek Reviews. Congratulations!



Read my reviews of the DS9: "Afterimage" and "Take Me Out to the Holosuite".

Masao Okazaki has finished work on an all-new ship design. The Dragon class is now on display in the Starfleet Museum.

The latest JoAT update comes with fascinating new technology and great artwork. See all new additions at a glance.

Review of the double feature DS9: "Image in the Sand" and "Shadows and Symbols".

Congratulations to the Chekov Site and the Walter Koenig Site, winners of this month's EAE Award! Also, thank you to Starbase Adran for awarding EAS with a score of 97 out of 100!



"The Sound of Her Voice" and "Tears of the Prophets" conclude my Season 6 DS9 reviews.

Sifting through the Starship Database, I have replaced many screen caps of alien vessels with better versions.

Our big new article on NASA References in Star Trek thrives on first-hand information by Mike Okuda, who created many of the references, and on over 100 screen caps by Jörg Hillebrand.

I have collected news feeds from several Trek sites via Feedburner, as a quick way to get an overview of what is going on. As with all third-party stuff, it may not work as steadily as I demand it from everything, so right now it is just a test phase. Please give me feedback whether it is useful and which Trek-related feeds of general interest I could include too.

Updated Star Trek XI Ship Classes and some new renders by Chris Griggs in the Starfleet Museum. Please follow the tags for the latter.

After many debates at the SCN I have compiled my thoughts on the movie premise and on the current hype in the essay Star Trek XI - Boldly Starting Over? Please note that while I usually like to discuss with readers, this essay is just for the record. I will most likely not react to criticism, as all the points have already been made, based on what little we know so far. Everyone is entitled to different expectations, and I do respect those who like to see Trek re-imagined. We can talk again when the movie is out.

A short notice that the Guestbook is back.

Due to an unforeseeable server problem, the guestbook is down until further notice. Sorry for any inconvenience.

More DS9 reviews, this time "Profit and Lace" and "Time's Orphan". Read also some considerations about the Tarkalean make-up.

Congratulations to the staff of Star Trek Auction Listings! They win the EAE Award July 2008.



Reviews of two more DS9 episodes: "The Reckoning" and "Valiant".

Masao has provided higher quality images of the TAS Federation ships, and has enabled me to redo the Antares and Woden.

Several new schematic views of 22nd century vessels in the Starship Gallery and the Starship Database. Most of them were created by Animaniac. Thanks also to Mark Gill for relaying them to me!

Travis Anderson has revised his story Odyssey and the SID Personnel and Vessel Profiles.

Reviews of the darkest and of one of the brightest DS9 episodes: "In the Pale Moonlight" and "His Way", respectively.

A small new article by Jörg and myself investigates appearances of Runabouts with Rollbars.

I have added new items, in particular the redresses of the runabout cockpit, to the Re-Used Interior Sets.

The DS9 reviews continue with "Wrongs Darker than Death or Night" and "Inquisition".

Yet another clean-up of the Links page.

I have compiled an illustrated and commented list of all appearances of Bajoran Orbs.

The winner of the June 2008 EAE Award is Cardassia Primera. Congratulations!

While there is no EAS policy on the upcoming movie yet, here is a preliminary page about the Star Trek XI Ship Classes. I will update it whenever new facts and pictures become available.



Two more DS9 reviews, of "Honor Among Thieves" and "Change of Heart".

More renders by Andrew Hall, and a few by Robert J. Willson, in the Starfleet Museum. See especially the matter/antimatter drive prototypes.

Just a couple of small updates today, including renders of the Ocean Class by Andrew Hall in the Starfleet Museum.

Two more DS9 reviews, this time "Far Beyond the Stars" and "One Little Ship".

A JoAT update is due, this time with a special focus on historical starship designs. See all new additions at a glance.

My DS9 reviews continue with "Waltz" and "Who Mourns for Morn".

New Poll question.
It is hard to read long lines of text on big screens. Should the width of EAS pages be limited?

Test run of the Feed Subscription Tools I set up with the help of FeedBurner. Get an e-mail newsletter or display EAS news on your website.

Two more DS9 reviews, this time "Statistical Probabilities" and "The Magnificent Ferengi".

Star Trek Starship Handbooks wins this month's EAE Award. Congratulations to Mark Gill! -- Furthermore, I have cleaned up and supplemented the Links yet again.

The DNS for should be working again.

Sorry for the SCN downtime, which happened due to unforeseeable trouble with the host. Until further notice, you can find the forum at (link defunct).



Major update in the Starfleet Museum: Masao has completed two all-new articles about the cargo ships of the Ocean Class and the passenger liners/transports of the Sozvezdie Class and Constellation Class. Read everything about interstellar travel after the Romulan War.

Two more DS9 reviews: "You Are Cordially Invited" and "Resurrection".

New scans in the Galleries, mostly of 22nd/23rd century uniforms and spacesuits.

It's no big deal, but I have replaced 160 images in the Voyager episode guide that used to be mediocre.

The DS9 reviews continue with the double feature "Favor the Bold" and "Sacrifice of Angels".

Read about Military References in Star Trek. This article used to be at Memory Alpha but has been outsourced to EAS where it arguably fits in better.

Update in the Starfleet Museum: Masao has expanded the page about the Bison-class transports, now describing the era of sleeper ships and early interstellar passenger liners in great detail.

I have removed several Links that are gone for good and included some new ones that would deserve more exposure.

The winner of this month's EAE Award is Memory Beta, the encyclopedia of licensed Star Trek works. Congratulations!

Two more DS9 reviews: "Sons and Daughters" and "Behind the Lines".



The DS9 reviews continue in season 6: "A Time to Stand" and "Rocks and Shoals".

TOS-R: "Is There in Truth No Beauty" comes with a new Medusan vessel.

Here is the next ASDB update, the Korolev Class.

It has been a long time, but here is finally an update in the ASDB: Antares Class by Reverend. More to come soon.

The three remaining DS9 reviews of season 5: "Empok Nor", "In the Cards" and "Call to Arms".

I have done two more DS9 reviews: "Children of Time" and "Blaze of Glory".

A few new bridges: Starfleet Bridge Illustrations with Columbia NX-02 and Danube variant, as well as Alien Bridge Illustrations with Scimitar, Ferengi Marauder, Iden's ship and Lokirrim.

The EAE Award for March 2008 goes to The Phoenixium. Congratulations to Dak Phoenix!

Gus has sent me more of his great drawings, this time of the original Enterprise, Excelsior & Enterprise-B and Enterprise-E. Note that the original files are so large that I had to move them to a protected directory.



Canon Fodder has three new conjectural articles: NX Class Production History, Warp Drive Evolution and "R.O.V.E.R.S.".

DS9 reviews of "Ferengi Love Songs" and "Soldiers of the Empire". Furthermore I have cleaned up the Links.

Two more DS9 reviews: "Business as Usual" and "Ties of Blood and Water".

As an addendum, there are a few more items in Re-Used Planet Sets and Re-Used Interior Sets.

A new episode of "The Hillebrand Files": Re-Uses of the Barkonian Village Set.

Two more DS9 reviews: "Dr. Bashir, I Presume?" and "A Simple Investigation".

TOS-R: "The Ultimate Computer" comes with a new design for the freighter Woden and for the starbase. The latter was originally designed by Masao Okazaki for the Starfleet Museum and later adopted for David Mack's Vanguard series.

Today's DS9 reviews: "For the Uniform" and the two-part episode episode "In Purgatory's Shadow" & "By Inferno's Light".

Two more DS9 reviews of season 5. This time: "The Darkness and the Light" and "The Begotten".

Star Trek Elita - Things Change by Rony Tal - As Captain Tal takes part in a high-rank forum of ship captains, dealing with the future of the Gamma Quadrant, the Elita crew must deal with a more practical complication... and far more dangerous.

The EAE Award for February goes to two Czech sites, and Star Trek Sickbay. Congratulations!



More DS9 reviews of season 5. This time: "The Ascent" and "Rapture".

The DS9 reviews of season 5 continue: "Let He Who Is Without Sin" and "Things Past".

I neglected to keep a record of the humble beginnings of EAS. However, here is a reconstruction of the very first version of the site as of January 21, 1998. Summary: 14 pages, 29 images, 290 kilobytes!

New Poll with an obvious question.

The new Enterprise for "Star Trek XI" has been revealed in the trailer, and it really is a new ship. Read more at and at the SCN.

As the 10th anniversary is near, I have expanded the Site Statistics, commented on the traffic development and listed the most requested pages. But which pages, which sections, which images and which other parts of EAS are really the best? Or the worst? As a poll would offer too few options, please nominate your favorites through the normal feedback form.

SID - Nativity is a new story by Travis Anderson and a belated Christmas story, in a manner of speaking. During the Maquis rebellion, Macen and T'Kir learn a little about the holiday spirit.

Yet two more DS9 reviews of season 5: "The Assignment" and "Trials and Tribble-ations". And yes, I will take care of other things as well. It is just so much fun to watch it all again after a couple of years.

Two more DS9 reviews of season 5: "Looking for par'Mach in All the Wrong Places" and "Nor the Battle to the Strong".

At long last, I am reviewing DS9 episodes, for some reason starting with season 5. Today: "Apocalypse Rising" and "The Ship".

Looking at the calendar, I noticed that the 10th anniversary of EAS is approaching, more precisely on January 21. With a bit of luck I will be able to prepare a special feature for this occasion.

Happy New Year! The EAE Award for January goes to Chakoteya's Transcripts Site. Congratulations!


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