Past Updates 2007

This year's final update brings a couple of new alien ships in the Starship Gallery, especially from the Delta Quadrant.

Furthermore, we have identified re-uses of the Defiant bridge.

A new in-depth article investigates Re-Uses of the New York Streets Set and identifies all buildings. And this is just the essence that I compiled from a huge pile of Jörg's observations. He's been working on that for weeks, as the set appeared in no less than thirteen episodes. Owing to the extent of the article and our limited memory of the episodes, there may be still several mistakes or omissions. Your corrections are appreciated!

Star Trek Deneva - Episode VIII - The Beckoning Darkness is a new episode by John Berkeley. Actually it is not quite as new because I forgot to post it so far.

See a comprehensive article describing The Evolution of the Dominion Emblem from 2372 to 2375. Many thanks to Jörg and Shisma!

Merry Christmas! I have used my spare time surplus for more movie nitpicking, this time scrutinizing my favorite, "Star Trek: First Contact".

Today's batch of new images consists of several 23rd Century and 24th Century Starfleet Uniforms.

Starfleet Museum update: Many new deck plans of 23rd century ships by Allen Rolfes and some 3D views by Jan Seebald. Please follow the signs.

Many more rooms of the Enterprise-E, Defiant and Voyager are pictured in the Gallery.

More Star Trek movie nitpicking, this time in "Star Trek Generations".

Another Gallery update, this time with various interiors of the original Enterprise NCC-1701 and Enterprise-A as well as of the Enterprise-D.

JoAT update with 8 new designs. See the new additions at a glance.

I am adding many scans of rooms, uniforms and other stuff to the Galleries. The first batch consists of various interiors of Deep Space 9.

See how TOS Remastered fixed some problems with re-used matte paintings, but not all of them.

Congratulations to Waxing Moon Design! The art site receives the EAE Award for December 2007.

I have added a couple of pictures from TOS-R season 1 to the Starship Database, such as the unfolded ultraviolet satellite and the Denevan ship, both from TOS: "Operation: Annihilate!". Thanks to Jörg!

After adding some 200 new entries I have concluded the expansion and restructuring of the
Treknology Encyclopedia for the time being. The update would not have been possible without the thorough episode references from Memory Alpha. Yet, definitely many concepts and devices are still missing, at MA as well as at EAS. These will be included one by one.

I have added a couple of notes on Website Promotion.

The update of the Treknology Encyclopedia is nearing its preliminary completion. In the meantime, see three "new" TOS-R spacecrafts in the Starship Database, namely the Eminiar VII hovertrain, the ultraviolet satellite and the Class J. Thanks to for the preview!

I have rearranged the Treknology Encyclopedia, now with one page for each letter. This opens the possibility to add many new items and pictures, and it removes the necessity to distinguish important and not-so-important devices. The update will still take a couple of weeks.

In an effort to create a concise Treknology reference, I am adding numerous entries to the Treknology Encyclopedia and particularly to the Supplement. The latter is the place for the more obscure or one-time technology. I have arrived at the letter G, but much of it is still half-baked and unconfirmed. Please have some patience!

And here is a more thrilling new poll: Would you redesign the Enterprise?

Newsfeeds are overrated as it seems. In the recent poll 58% of all voters said that they generally don't read feeds. Among the 12% who have already subscribed to my RSS feed, few are using a sophisticated reader. As a result, I will keep the EAS news short and simple.

Supplement: Jörg found another blooper, 23rd century displays on 24th century replicators.

Find some new Bloopers and Oddities and some new information on In-Jokes, such as on the almost legendary Enterprise-D MSD jokes.

Congratulations to TrekNation, the winner of the EAE Award for November 2007!

New stuff in the Galleries: I have prepared a number of scans of alien interiors and of rooms on Klingon starships.

Thanks to Leigh who gave the DB Community Award to EAS.

Read about the inconsistencies I spotted in "Star Trek: The Search for Spock".

Dozens of planetary leaders have been abducted. The kidnappers have eschewed a ransom preferring instead to fundamentally alter the Federation's political affairs. Read in Travis Anderson's story Countdown.

Recurring visitors can help me improve the site by answering the Poll question about the EAS newsfeed.

Once again an extensive clean-up of the Links page was necessary.

This month's EAE Award goes to Trek Wallpapers. Congratulations!

My movie nitpicking series continues with "Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan", a fan favorite with some minor flaws.

Once again there are some supplements in the
Inconsistencies section, most notably about self-illumination of starships.

Find a couple of corrections and several supplements, especially pictures, in the recent article about The Saucer Rim on the Galaxy Class.

Looking at The Saucer Rim on the Galaxy Class, we can notice discrepancies between the initial and the later miniatures of the Enterprise-D.

There are some supplements in the Inconsistencies area, such as about wrong evolution concepts and ever-changing ideas of "the hardest substance".

I have added some nitpicking of "Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country", a movie that particularly doesn't get all of the various political interrelations right.

Aliens civilizations are frequently criticized for not having enough cultural diversity. My article on Alien Monocultures in Star Trek tries to put the issue into perspective.

Congratulations to, winner of the EAE Award September 2007!

Hunted by all sides the SID team faces personal tragedy as well as professional losses. Turning to a former enemy, they recruit an unlikely ally in the new novel Twilight.

From the Bonaventure to the Phoenix. The term "first warp ship" has not always been a constant in Trek. There used to be different names, designs, histories. Our article includes evidence and side views of Cochrane's obscure Bonaventure.

The SID team has one last old foe to deal with. Read in Travis Anderson's latest story Prelude to Dusk.

See a number of new bloopers and other oddities. Thanks to Jörg and to the other contributors!

New Poll about movie theme music.

We have compared the TNG footage in ENT: "These Are The Voyages" with the original scene in TNG: "Ménage ā Troi". This is also some sort of preview of the TNG remastering that is being prepared.

This month's EAE Award goes to Orion Press. Congratulations!

Added a couple of prop re-uses spotted by Jörg, mostly scanners and PADDs, including two more props that could be seen on the Mari homeworld.

See some high-resolution pictures of the Galor class, of Klingon ships such as the K't'inga and of 21st century vessels. Also, there are superb drawings of the original Enterprise and Enterprise-C by Gus. Note that due to the insane level of detail Gus' original PDFs are not suited for open display, but you can find them in a protected directory if you need them.

The Subspace Comms Network, official message board of EAS, can now be reached at

I have split up the About page as it had become too long. Among the sub-pages that I created there is a new one about Site Projects.

Where Have All the Trek Sites Gone? - an essay on the disappearance of personal Trek websites.

A number of new Fact Files scans: some TOS locations, Prometheus sickbay, Norway 5 views, scout 5 views, Nova comparison.

In the past few days I have incorporated more than a dozen visitor suggestions, mostly in the starships and the inconsistencies categories.

The USS Antares has been revealed in TOS-R: "Charlie X"!

I have removed the directory password protection for the Guestbook in favor of a simple password question embedded in the reply form. Hopefully this will still keep out spammers.

As the little orange icon indicates, an RSS feed is available at EAS. It is just a test run for now, as I have to create and maintain it manually, in addition to the normal HTML update announcements.

The EAE Award July 2007 goes to Congratulations!

The JoAT has been updated. See all new additions at a glance.

I know the series on Warp propulsion is waiting for an update. Until then (and as a reminder for myself) you can download the incomplete version as a PDF in scientific format (converted by Tobias Heintz).

Redesign of the previously unwieldy Fan Fiction index page.

New Poll about TV theme music.

Clean-up of the Links and of the Add-Your-Link database. There are also various new sites on the list.

All alien vessels that appeared TOS-R so far, such as the Eymorg and the Tholian ship, can be found in the Starship Database.

See the submissions for the banner design contest and the voting at the SCN.

The SID team and their allies have to fend off an ancient yet acute threat to the galaxy in the novel Relics by Travis Anderson.

Cmdr Tomalak's Trek Animations wins the June round of the EAE Award. Congratulations!

The new article on Sovereign Class Variations will hopefully shed light on some frequently discussed issues.

Jörg has compiled an overview of variations of alien hands.

Counterstrike is the title of a new short story in the SID series by Travis Anderson.

Starship buffs will enjoy the first picture of the USS Trial (DS9: "Way of the Warrior"). Courtesy of Larry Nemecek. Database link (Miranda class).

See a couple of new alien and Starfleet bridge illustrations.

The Horizon's visit to a familiar place comes with several surprises in Star Trek: Horizon - Saq'coc by Ruben Hilbers.

This month's EAE Award goes to Jammer's Reviews. Congratulations!

Furthermore I have verified and updated all Links.

I have reworked the article on The Enterprise Refit of 2271, in which I found several inaccuracies.

I would like to replace the old EAS banners. You can help me if you have a bit of artistic talent. For more details, please go to the SCN.

Here is a complete analysis of the evolution of the Type-15 shuttle miniature and set. Full credit goes to Jörg and his observations!

The latest story by Ruben Hilbers: Star Trek: Horizon - The Hunt for Valdore. Also, I have added highly detailed Galaxy-class schematics modified by Gus.

Added 47 new pictures to the Starship Gallery. Please follow the tags. Find high-res photos of alien ships, of the Lakota and of several more vessels. Also new: CGI images of the early Klingon BoP.

Here is a compilation of the numerous prop and set re-uses in VOY: "Random Thoughts".

I will gradually convert more of the site to CSS. The latest visible change is that external links are specially tagged.

Attempting to clear the backlog: A couple of new prop re-uses, mostly tools and furniture, new images in the old Akira article and dozens of updates that must remain unmentioned.

Congratulations to Star Trek Databas, the winner of the EAE Award April 2007!

Enjoy an unusual racing event in Star Trek: Horizon - The Race by Ruben Hilbers.

No offense, but some designs submitted to the JoAT are far from adequate. Here are some typical design mistakes that ship designers should avoid.

A new essay deals with Homosexuality in Star Trek.

Several updates, including screen caps, in The Problems of Canonizing TAS.

No real updates as I am improving the layout and graphics in some old sections like the EAS Fleet Yards.

A few new In-Jokes and small updates in the JoAT with images from Reverend's archive: TOS-era escape pods and Type-17 shuttle.

J. Grey's latest Renegade II episode is simply titled Renegade.

Some consideration on The Problems of Canonizing TAS.

Poll: "Who is your least favorite recurring character?"

Curt Danhauser's Guide to Animated Star Trek wins this month's EAE Award. Congratulations!

Today the EAS site statistics registered the visitor No. 10,000,000. Thank you very much for the enduring loyalty!

Added new illustrations to a couple of articles in the Inconsistencies and Starship Articles sections.

If you experienced any server errors today, this is because I reworked the SSI parsing, in order to allow better caching and indexing of static HTML. One advantage is that the search now outputs the true modification dates of the files. Please report any problems that may persist.

I have updated Planet Mutations - Vulcan with information from TAS and from TOS Remastered.

Finally, here are the Variations of the TOS Desktop Monitor.

Here are the promised articles about the DS9 Desktop Monitor and the VOY Desktop Monitor.

Firefox and Internet Explorer plug-ins provide EAS Site Search in the browser.

The Starship Database includes all reworked vessels of TOS Remastered so far, like the Planet Killer, Orion ship, Yonada, two new shuttle names, etc. Please follow the signs.

Jörg has compiled a meticulous investigation of the Variations of the TNG Desktop Monitor, including all of its many alien variants, and with special attention to oddities and bloopers. Also included are the monitors that were developed exclusively for the TNG movies. A similar analysis of the DS9 and Voyager monitors is almost completed and will follow later this week.

The winner of the EAE Award for February 2007 is Trekkieguy!

We found several new prop re-uses, mostly consoles & displays, containers and furniture. Thanks to the contributors!

JoAT update. See all new additions at a glance.

Several changes on the Links page.

Fan Fiction: Mehr Geschichten aus dem Krieg von Tobias Heintz (in German).

EAS also wins the January 2007 Award from Spike's Star Trek Page. Thank you very much to Spike!

A great honor: EAS has received the Platinum Warp Core from, which is awarded just once a year to the best website. Thanks so much!

Here are a few new In-Jokes and Bloopers and Oddities.

Congratulations to the winner of the EAE Award for January 2007,!


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