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03 Dec 2016

It's been a long time, but here is finally a new article in the Observations series. See our Observations in TNG: "Relics", with remarkable HD shots of the Dyson sphere and of a certain officer whose favorite ship has "no bloody A, B, C or D". The full gallery will be available at TrekCore at a later date.

29 Nov 2016

CBS has officially announced the first three cast members for Star Trek Discovery. We will see Michelle Yeoh, Anthony Rapp and Doug Jones in the new series.

19 Nov 2016

New starship interiors: Voyager transporter room by Falke and Enterprise-D holodeck variant by BobyE.

13 Nov 2016

An EAE Award goes to LCARSGFX - Padsbrat's Doings and Musings, a site with amazing LCARS MSDs of many Star Trek ships.

08 Nov 2016

I have reviewed two more Voyager season 3 episodes: "Remember" and "Sacred Ground".


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