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17 Jun 2017

Daniel Tessier reviews two more novels, Drastic Measures by Dayton Ward and The Face of the Unknown by Christopher L. Bennett.

08 Jun 2018

New Poll: What are your wishes for Discovery's season 2?

02 Jun 2018

I conclude the starship database updates with the Discovery Mirror Universe Ship Classes. As always, supplements or corrections are welcome.

28 May 2018

Further catching up with Discovery: Here are the Discovery Klingon Ship Classes with all Klingon starships and shuttles that have appeared so far (and with the usual caveats). The class information, including the names, is taken from the Official Starships Collection and may still be subject to change. Special thanks to Dávid Metlesits for preparing the side views!

26 May 2018

I have revised and extended the reviews of the two Voyager episodes "Vis ŕ Vis" and "The Omega Directive".


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