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Here is a gallery showing The Evolution of the Romulans, with all make-up variations.

Merry Christmas! In my spare time have reviewed several TOS episodes in more detail (most recently "The Naked Time", "The City on the Edge of Forever", "Who Mourns for Adonais?", "The Gamesters of Triskelion", "The Enterprise Incident", "Is There in Truth No Beauty?").

I have added a few new Re-Used Interior Sets. Thanks to all contributors!

Some new Re-Used Props, Bloopers and In-Jokes. Thanks to Michael Minnick!

The next two DS9 Reviews: "The Passenger" and "Move Along Home".

I have finally compiled a "Star Trek (2009)" fleet chart that includes all alternate Starfleet starships, now with a 366m long Enterprise.

A big batch of CGI ships from Drex Files: Other Aliens of the 22nd Century.

Who is the best (regular) chief engineer?

I made approximate side views of the Star Trek (2009) Ships Armstrong, Kelvin and Mayflower. I wonder when someone will finally create fully-fledged reconstructions of these vessels though...

Starfleet Museum update with more deck plans by Allen Rolfes, including the amazingly detailed "bluescale" layouts of Masao's Krechet class.

Just in case you're wondering what I'm doing, there are many amendments on the page on Star Trek (2009) Ships yet again.



Suricata's Artwork Blog wins an EAE Award. Congratulations!

Once again new information on Star Trek (2009) Ships, mostly from Star Trek: The Art of the Film and the Blu-ray special features about the unnamed classes I-III.

Continuing my DS9 Reviews with "Q-Less" and "Dax".

The next round of starship images from Drex Files with Bajoran ships, Federation probes and some more updates in other categories.

More stuff from Drex Files: Romulan, Klingon, Cardassian and Dominion ships.

On a different note, old Geocities sites are being archived at Reocities. Just replace "g" with "r" in the URL. I have compiled a list. Thanks to Harry for the hint!

After the shutdown of the free service of Geocities I had to remove hundreds of external links. Please inform me if any of the sites are now hosted somewhere else.

The next two DS9 Reviews: "Babel" and "Captive Pursuit".

Next round of CGI images, today with Borg and other Delta Quadrant vessels.

More CGI views from Drex Files. This time: NX class and Earth vessels.

I will include the fantastic images of the official 3D CGI models posted at Drex Files, with kind permission from Doug Drexler. Today: Vulcan and Suliban ships.



Poll: Who is the best (regular) captain?

Find a number of new scans in the Galleries, such as of 24th century uniforms and Starfleet phasers.

JoAT update. Go to the Recent Additions page to see all the new or updated designs at a glance.

You may notice that the new movie is now called "Star Trek (2009)" at EAS, acknowledging that it is a new continuity and a new tradition.

SID - Revolution by Travis Anderson. Revolution is on the verge of breaking out on the planet Bolshevik. Macen's team is sent in to diffuse the situation but they just may end up joining the revolution instead.

Continuing the DS9 Reviews of season 1 with "Past Prologue" and "A Man Alone".

Thanks to the now available Blu-ray discs there are new screen captures and a few new facts about "Star Trek XI", such as on Star Trek XI Ship Classes.

The Starfleet Museum by Masao Okazaki celebrates its 10th anniversary. On this occasion we have added 19 new renders by the indefatigable Dávid Metlesits. Please follow the signs.

I'm starting over with my DS9 Reviews in season 1 with the pilot episode "Emissary".



Another round of 35 new images in the Galleries, this time with Alien Weapons, Other Alien Equipment and more. Please follow the signs.

Added five missing rooms and two alien bridges. Thanks to James for the hint!

Two DS9 reviews conclude the fourth season: "Body Parts" and "Broken Link".

I have uploaded a probably last batch of 19 interior views from the Fact Files, most of them alien ship interiors and other rooms.

Find some new renders by Dávid Metlesits in the Starfleet Museum. Please follow the signs.

The next two DS9 reviews: "To the Death" and "The Quickening".

Two more DS9 reviews: "The Muse" and "For the Cause".

I will continue to review fan films, this time Starship Farragut and Curt Danhauser's Star Trek Animated.



I have updated most of the Fleet Charts with new or improved depictions. Note that only ships are included that allow a size estimation and of which a clear side view is available.

Two DS9 reviews today: "Hard Time" and "Shattered Mirror".

New story by Travis Anderson: SID - Fractures. War has broken out on Magna Roma and the SID team is sucked into the conflict. Billions of lives hang in the balance and the team acts as horrors unfold.

The SCN is currently down, but will be back on a new server with the old URL after solving some transfer issues. Thanks for your patience!

I have come to like the fan-made episodes of Star Trek New Voyages, so I thought it would be a good idea to review them.

Here is a list of and commentary on Real Stars and Bayer Names (such as "Epsilon Indi") mentioned in Star Trek.

Cameron, the most prolific guest reviewer at EAS, has finished the last of his 69 Enterprise reviews, and he hated "These Are The Voyages" like pretty much everyone.

The DS9 reviews continue with "Accession" and "Rules of Engagement".

New Poll: Which is your favorite premise for the next Trek movie(s)?

Jörg and I have totally reworked the Analysis of the Antarian Transstellar Rally in VOY: "Drive", which now comprises the whole race and features an illustrated list of all vessels.



Two new DS9 reviews: "Sons of Mogh" and "Bar Association".

Updates in the article about Redresses of the Reptohumanoid Ship, with more information about the appearances and CGI side views by Doug Drexler. 

A new article by Jörg and me investigates the Redresses of the Karemma Ship, which later appeared as a modified CGI version in very different roles.

The SCN is up again. We will move to a new server and not everything was ready yet. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Two new bridges from BobyE: USS Jenolan and USS Sutherland. Also, I have done a clean-up of the Links.

More updates in the Starship Database thanks to the ongoing efforts of Doug Drexler and John Eaves to post renderings of all recent vessels. Find the Klingon "rebel" ship, Vulcan survey ship, Takret ship and several more form the past few weeks.

Broken Crown - It is a time of unrest in the Cardassian Union. Macen's SID team fight for the future of one child and the fate of an entire government. Read also Travis Anderson's message on the occasion of The SID 10-Year Anniversary.

I have restructured the Galleries and added over 250 screen caps of emblems, alien script and interfaces from the depths of Jörg's archive. Please follow the and signs.

My DS9 reviews continue with "Crossfire" and "Return to Grace".

JoAT update with four new starships, one shuttle and one station. See the new additions at a glance.

Just some small updates, such as new findings about Suliban Ship Classes and Planet Mutations - Risa.

Star Trek XI Ship Classes updated with considerations about the size of the Kelvin.

The latest Story by Rony Tal: Star Trek Elita - By What Judgment We Stand.



Here is a new article about the canon status, the design, the size and other Daedalus Class Problems.

Find three new theories pertaining to "Star Trek XI" (and other time travel issues) at Canon Fodder.

New poll: How long is the new Enterprise?

Talking about rescaling, I almost forgot to mention that Alex Jaeger of ILM confirms my suspicion that the new Enterprise was designed smaller (366m length) and scaled up as late as for the VFX shots. I keep the size at 302m for now, but I have included according comments.

Based on the ILM size chart provided by John Eaves I have rescaled the Starfleet ships from "First Contact". There are also some new ship names!

Here is small gallery of Star Trek XI Characters and Places.

Following the example of other major Trek sites, EAS is on Twitter for a test phase. Although the options are underwhelming and there may be no other way but retyping my update notices word by word to get them into Twitter, I'm giving it a chance.

Find the complete set of detailed orthographic views of the new Enterprise by Gus in the Star Trek XI vessel gallery. Furthermore, there are a couple of changes pertaining to Vulcan ships. The Surak and Sh'Ran (with new side views) are now classified as different types.

While I was compiling a small gallery of Star Trek XI vessels, I have updated the article on the size of the new Enterprise with even more comparisons.

This month's EAE Award goes to HeroComm. Congratulations! Note that after an uninterrupted succession of ten(!) years this may be the last monthly EAE Award. The reason is that very few deserving sites are left, and hardly any new ones are created. Award application will remain open though.

Updated with information from "Star Trek XI": Races with Changing Faces - Major Races, Planet Mutations, Re-Uses of the Vasquez Rocks Location and some more.



Thanks for all the encouraging feedback! I forgot to mention that the vast majority of responses to my take on "Star Trek XI" has been supportive or at least judicious. We don't have to agree on everything, but we should always keep an open mind.

Owing to the numerous inquiries and complaints about my "Star Trek XI" policy and (sad but true) attacks against me in the wake of the new movie, here is a Star Trek XI FAQ. I would prefer to care about real updates over always justifying my views and decisions, but in the current hype I don't seem to have another choice.

Star Trek XI Ship Classes, now with an accurate Enterprise side view by Gus and with more information about the other Starfleet vessels. In addition, there are several new side views especially of Earth Ship Classes thanks to Doug Drexler.

Heresy alert! Here is my write-up about the size of the new Enterprise.

Here is my summary of the Star Trek XI Inconsistencies, at least a first draft that will have to be updated often. I have also fixed the the proportions of the side view of the (still some 300m long) Enterprise.

Next round of the due updates: Star Trek XI Ship Classes, now with most of the information from the actual movie. And no, the Enterprise is still "only" 300m long.

New: In-depth analysis of the time travel in "Star Trek XI", timeline update and still more guest reviews

A whole bunch of new guest reviews and finally my own review of "Star Trek XI". And one important request: As hard as I am working on it, it will take several weeks to update just the key sections of this website with the new information. Don't bug me. I have many pages of notes. I am reading and reviewing other people's findings all the time. There is nothing "wrong" if EAS still shows facts that were perfectly valid until last week!

24 guest reviews and counting! I saw the movie last night, and I will need another day for my extensive review.

Now that more and more ordinary people have the opportunity to see "Star Trek XI", everyone is invited to take the poll or, even better, submit a review.

Just a few small updates: Mike Okuda's patch collection in the 602 Club is completely identified, Talos IV gets a facelift for "The Cage" (remastered), and the USS Centaur shrinks to 210 meters.

Trek design veteran John Eaves wins this month's EAE Award for his blog, Eavesdropping with Johnny.



Read my combined review of the double take DS9: "Homefront" and "Paradise Lost".

Another two DS9 reviews: "The Sword of Kahless" and "Our Man Bashir".

As the world premiere of Abrams' reboot of Star Trek has taken place in Sydney, the first written spoilers confirm my apprehensions. Note that I do not wish to receive or distribute spoilers or discuss them with anyone though. I will not get around watching and reviewing the movie eventually, but that may not be too soon.

Two more DS9 reviews: "Starship Down" and "Little Green Men".

The EAE Award for April 2009 goes to digitally efx'd geometry. Congratulations!

A few small updates. See detailed versions of EAS Fleet Yards ships by s1gun, Thomas and Jason. Also, there are reconstructed side views of John Eaves' fighter aircraft and of Spock's ship.

So this Olaf Sporil guy or whatever his true name is played a mean trick on me yesterday. I don't trust his statements any longer, and neither should you. ;-)

Shatner to Play Captain April in Upcoming Movie! Read more in my exclusive interview with Trek's assistant producer.



Find the new Baikal Class and Marconi Class, two UESN subspace transmitter ships, in the Starfleet Museum.

Travis Anderson concludes the SID series with the novel Love and Starships and an Epilogue. This, however, is not the end of the SID team. They will return soon, in a somewhat different composition.

I'd like to call attention to the ongoing episode reviews by EAS visitors. Most notably Cameron has just finished the last of his 131 Voyager reviews. Thanks for your endurance!

Due to recent unpleasant events, here is a statement on the copyright status of fan artwork. Bottom line: Please don't buy unauthorized reproductions that fellow fans have originally created for free!

The latest JoAT update brings us some great artwork and technological innovation. See the 6 new additions at a glance.

Another two DS9 reviews: "Indiscretion" and "Rejoined".

The Star Trek Prop, Costume & Auction Blog is the winner of the EAE Award for March 2009. Congratulations to Alec!

Two more DS9 reviews: "The Visitor" and "Hippocratic Oath".



I have added one last small batch of Starfleet and alien bridges I found in the Fact Files and a drawing of the original Excelsior bridge that BobyE has created almost from scratch.

Starfleet Museum update: Highly detailed and beautifully colored "bluescale" layouts of the Avenger & Predator and the Klingon D6 by Allen Rolfes.

Find 25 new high-quality images of alien ships in the Starship Gallery. Please follow the signs.

The DS9 reviews continue in season 4. So here is the analysis of "The Way of the Warrior", one of my absolute favorites.

Not much to report today, except for the due maintenance of the Links page. Once again several sites are gone for good, but I also found some new ones.

Unsurprisingly the EAE Award goes to Drex Files, the new hive of unabashed geekdom. Congratulations, Doug!

Based on an interesting interview with screenwriter Roberto Orci, here is an essay on the movie's premise and its bearing on continuity and canon: Star Trek XI: Reboot or Multiverse?



Here is another big article by Jörg and me that investigates all Variations of the Runabout Interior as they appeared over the years.

Just a quick note that I have updated the image of the "Trek XI" Enterprise according to the newest available picture.

Read about obscure Klingon and Romulan emblems in the new article Forgotten Alien Emblems.

Three more Races with Changing Faces scrutinized: Gorn, Tholians, Nausicaans.

A small illustrated article summarizes all appearances of Tribbles in Star Trek.

I have updated the JoAT with ships, stations and various other technology. See the 9 new entries at a glance.

There are a couple of new images in the Starship Gallery and the other Galleries.

Happy New Year! The first EAE Award of 2009 goes to Mundo Star Trek. Congratulations!


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