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24 May 2022

New pictures in the galleries of Star Trek Discovery Characters and Star Trek Picard Characters, now up to date with selected publicity shots from the latest seasons.

23 May 2022

The Federation starships from Discovery season 4 are in the starship database now.

20 May 2022

And here is my review of DIS: "Anomaly". Right after a promising start of season 4, this episode is disappointing. There is a lot of action and a lot of talking, but somehow nothing of note happens.

15 May 2022

Besides adding facts from PIC season 2 to many articles, I will catch up on Discovery. Here is my review of the season 4 premiere, "Kobayashi Maru".

10 May 2022

I have compiled another list: All Star Trek Series Opening Credits Ranked, ordered by how much I like them and how well I think they represent the series.

Also: Rate Star Trek Picard season 2 in a new poll.


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