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22 Feb 2024

Site maintenance: I fixed the links to the relocated TrekCore TNG Blu-ray galleries in all 145 TNG Observations articles.

21 Feb 2024

The oldest TNG Observations are reworked up to "The Battle" now. I also wrote a script to scan the whole site for missing resources, thanks to which I could fix two dozen broken thumbnails or image links that had come to pass with the latest improvements.

17 Feb 2024

Once again, there are over 50 new images in the Starship Gallery, mostly on the pages for the Vulcans and for the Miranda Class.

11 Feb 2024

Here are two more revised Voyager season 5 reviews, of "The Fight" and "Think Tank". I have also updated the oldest TNG Observations up to "The Last Outpost" with corrections, better images and more references.

10 Feb 2024

Many new additions to our Observations in TNG: "Remember Me", including a few surprising discoveries about re-used footage.


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