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15 May 2022

Besides adding facts from PIC season 2 to many articles, I will catch up on Discovery. Here is my review of the season 4 premiere, "Kobayashi Maru".

10 May 2022

I have compiled another list: All Star Trek Series Opening Credits Ranked, ordered by how much I like them and how well I think they represent the series.

Also: Rate Star Trek Picard season 2 in a new poll.

05 May 2022

I wouldn't have expected it, but the finale PIC: "Farewell" effectively saves the season with its emotional impact, although the time travel and the numerous coincidences still don't make much sense.

03 May 2022

As the premiere of Strange New Worlds is only two days away, international fans are locked out - as usual. But even though I may be able to watch the show "unofficially", I don't intend to join the rat race. There will be no reviews of SNW at EAS any time soon. I will wait until I have an opinion whether the series lives up the hype about it. In the meantime, feel free to submit guest reviews. The SNW season 1 comments are open too.

After posting the review of the Picard 2 season finale "Farewell", I will catch up on Discovery.


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