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23 Jun 2024

I have added a brief essay on whether Star Trek is or should be considered a multiverse. There are also a couple of new chairs.

22 Jun 2024

Jörg and I appear in a number of videos, in which we talk about how we became fans, how EAS was created and how the fandom has changed, among numerous other topics. I have collected them on the page EAS on Video. Thanks to the Memory Alpha Podcast, to Trek Time and to all other participants!

20 Jun 2024

Hidden Corners by Travis Anderson. President Ardra's administration gets investigated by the Rockford Detective Agencies, Outbound Ventures, and eventually Starfleet and Federation Security as the Federation Council must choose whether or not to act upon the evidence.

15 Jun 2024

Canon criteria and interpretations have become controversial in fandom. I have compiled a list of discrepancies between EAS and Memory Alpha, which exist despite the common goal to make sense of in-universe material without speculation.

14 Jun 2024

New story by Travis Anderson: Ascendancy Rising. The Federation reaches out to the Ascendancy only to receive a great surprise. A surprise that leads from the Gamma to the Beta Quadrant.


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