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13 Apr 2024

Lower Decks has been canceled, Strange New Worlds has been renewed. Here is my comment.

12 Apr 2024

My review of DIS: "Jinaal". After a promising start of the season, things begin to fall apart in the third episode.

10 Apr 2024

I have added still 90 more images (mostly from the Shipyards books) to the gallery pages for Delta Quadrant, Part 1 and Delta Quadrant, Part 2.

06 Apr 2024

And here comes DIS: "Under the Twin Moons". The second episode can't quite keep up with the premiere, not primarily because of less action but because of the awkward ways that characters get involved in the story.

05 Apr 2024

Here is my review of DIS: "Red Directive". The fifth and final season begins with a good amount of action, decent character interaction and a galactic mystery with a connection to classic Trek.


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