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15 Jun 2024

Canon criteria and interpretations have become controversial in fandom. I have compiled a list of discrepancies between EAS and Memory Alpha, which exist despite the common goal to make sense of in-universe material without speculation.

14 Jun 2024

New story by Travis Anderson: Ascendancy Rising. The Federation reaches out to the Ascendancy only to receive a great surprise. A surprise that leads from the Gamma to the Beta Quadrant.

08 Jun 2024

Jörg's new article The History of the Betazoid Emblem describes how a fan design accidentally became canon in Star Trek Picard in 2020 and has appeared repeatedly since then.

06 Jun 2024

Everything is set at EAS for Prodigy season 2, all 20 episodes of which will be released on July 1 - which is insane. There is no way I will binge-watch the show (or myself) to death. It will take several months to catch up with the reviews and updates, and I will limit my social media activities until then.

02 Jun 2024

I have been so busy with the updates related to the final Discovery season the past three days that I need to relax and watch Voyager. Here are two more retro reviews: VOY: "Juggernaut" and VOY: "Someone to Watch Over Me".


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