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19 Oct 2021

There are updates on several pages. See very detailed and accurate renders of the USS Salcombe by Daniel Broadway, additions to the Observations in TNG: "The Survivors" by Jörg and three newly identified lamps (Inner Pyramid, Oz Lamp, Noce Sconce) by Eno.

15 Oct 2021

Season 2 of Lower Decks comes to an end in an exciting finale - without hot chocolate but with a naked ship! Here is my review of LOW: "First First Contact".

14 Oct 2021

Reviving the Poll with the question: How do you rate the second season of Lower Decks?

13 Oct 2021

Starship Farragut's final episode is out, after a production time of more than six years. Read my review of "Homecoming"

08 Oct 2021

Read my review of LOW: "wej Duj", which comes with more subtle humor and with a well-balanced intelligent plot. The best episode of Lower Decks so far!

06 Oct 2021

Some smaller updates for today: beautifully detailed Enterprise-A bridge cutaways by Donny Versiga, additions to the article about alien hands, the varieties of Romulan emblems in Lower Decks, a couple of new chairs and lamps (Biconica and Torchiere), newly identified acoustic panels.


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