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08 Jun 2023

Several new entries in the article with Observations in TNG: "Transfigurations". Keep watching Jörg's Twitter account, where he is currently posting the rest.

03 Jun 2023

There are many new HD screen caps and other updates in existing articles, such as Re-Used Props - Decoration, Re-Used Props - Various Objects and Uniform & Rank Inconsistencies. Also, find four new lamps in our ever-growing list.

27 May 2023

Jörg's old article with Observations in TNG: "Ménage ā Troi" has been reworked and supplemented with many new findings.

20 May 2023

Many new HD screen caps and other updates in several articles, such as Variations of the Type-7 Shuttle, Variations of the Type-15 Shuttle, Spotting the Ships from the Star Fleet Technical Manual, Re-Used Starship Interiors.

18 May 2023

The ship designs from Picard season 3 are in the Starship Database now: Starfleet Ship Classes A-K, Starfleet Ship Classes L-Z, Other Starfleet Ship Classes, Civilian Federation Ship Classes, Federation Shuttlecraft, Federation Space Stations, Dominion and Allied Ship Classes, Borg Ship Classes.


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