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21 Jul 2021

Many new pictures of Star Trek Discovery Characters and Star Trek Discovery Sets and Props, now up to date with selected publicity shots from season 5.

20 July 2024

I have added over 30 new high-resolution images of Small Federation Vessels, mostly from the Official Starships Collection.

18 July 2024

My reviews of the next two episodes of Prodigy season 2: "The Fast and the Curious" and "Is There in Beauty No Truth?". The episodes take a break from this season's big arc. But although they tell stories in their own right and in the best tradition of episodic Trek, they don't live up to this potential.

14 July 2024

And here is the next update to one of our old articles: Observations in TNG: "The Loss".

13 July 2024

Taking a short break from Prodigy season 2 reviews. I have added new observations by Jörg, more references and better pictures to the article on Observations in TNG: "Final Mission".


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