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18 Apr 2021

Several more article updates, mostly to TNG season 2 observations, such as in "Time Squared" and in "The Icarus Factor".

11 Apr 2021

There are several new findings in the rearranged article on Re-Used Props - Stationary Consoles. Thanks to Tadeo D'Oria! See also his recent reconstruction of the Enterprise-C bridge.

04 Apr 2021

While I have to postpone any new features, there are small updates to many articles, such as to the observations in "Contagion" and in "The Royale", the Starfleet Buildings in San Francisco, The Evolution of the Starfleet Medical Emblem, Classical Music in Star Trek and several more.

21 Mar 2021

Cordial thanks to the many people who wished me a speedy recovery! Well, it's going slowly. The right humeral head was smashed and had to be replaced with a prosthesis, leaving the upper arm stiff and weak for now. I can take care of small updates and corrections to the site. I read all feedback but please don't expect a reply.

14 Feb 2021

Just a note that I'm recovering from a severe injury. There will be no site updates and no replies to inquiries for at least six weeks.


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