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28 Jan 2023

After DIS season 2, Klingons have been strangely absent from live-action Star Trek. Fans are wondering what they will look like once they reappear. We know that Worf will still be Worf. Regarding other Klingons, a new article discusses four options.

22 Jan 2023

Dozens of new entries in the article with Observations in TNG: "The Most Toys". Keep watching Jörg's Twitter account, where he is currently posting the rest.

21 Jan 2023

On this day 25 years ago, I first uploaded a website to the university server that consisted of 43 files with a total size of 314 kilobytes. The foundation was laid to the massive site that EAS is today. Read the whole story and my message to the visitors.

20 Jan 2023

The heavily illustrated sixth story in Travis Anderson's SID Rebirth series is titled Crusade.

14 Jan 2023

Several new observations in the article with Observations in TNG: "Hollow Pursuits". Check out Jörg's Twitter account, where he is posting new stuff every day.


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