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29 Dec 2010

New article in cooperation with Drew Stewart: Locating Starfleet Buildings in San Francisco. We have investigated Starfleet's buildings as they appeared in the various series and movies and sketched up a map showing their real locations in and around San Francisco.

27 Dec 2010

New Poll: Pick your favorite TNG episode if it is among the listed.

26 Dec 2010

Reviews of two DS9 season 3 episodes: "The House of Quark" and "Equilibrium".

25 Dec 2010

I have incorporated visitor suggestions in different sections, notably several re-used TOS computers and other TOS equipment. Special thanks to Michael Minnick!

24 Dec 2010

Merry Christmas to all visitors!

23 Dec 2010

A new SID short story by Travis Anderson: Christmas Lights.

22 Dec 2010

My take on the season 3 premiere DS9: "The Search".

14 Dec 2010

Review of the DS9 season 2 finale: "The Jem'Hadar".

06 Dec 2010

Still more illustrations from C.HellenBrandt in the Starship Database. Please follow the signs.

05 Dec 2010

More ship images from Eavesdropping with Johnny and Drex Files. Please follow the signs.

01 Dec 2010

The next two DS9 Reviews of season 2: "The Collaborator" and "Tribunal".



28 Nov 2010

Thanks to C.HellenBrandt for some new images and thumbs in the Starship Database, such as Kirk's escape pod, the D'Arsay archive and Voyager VI.

24 Nov 2010

More DS9 Reviews of season 2: "The Wire" and "Crossover".

19 Nov 2010

DS9 Reviews of season 2: My take on the two-part episode "The Maquis I/II".

16 Nov 2010

Jörg has found several more painted corridor extensions in Star Trek episodes.

14 Nov 2010

An EAE Award goes to Subspace Communique. Congratulations!

13 Nov 2010

Two more DS9 Reviews of season 2: "Profit and Loss" and "Blood Oath".

03 Nov 2010

The next two DS9 Reviews of season 2: "Shadowplay" and "Playing God".



28 Oct 2010

Another old article reworked: Uniform & Rank Inconsistencies.

26 Oct 2010

And here are the Re-Used Planets in DS9 (significantly fewer than in TNG).

25 Oct 2010

Re-Used Planets in TNG.

24 Oct 2010

New Poll: Pick your favorite TOS episode if it is among the listed.

23 Oct 2010

Two new DS9 Reviews of season 2, this time "Whispers" and "Paradise".

21 Oct 2010

Some updates on the Links page.

20 Oct 2010

The next two DS9 Reviews of season 2: "The Alternate" and "Armageddon Game".

19 Oct 2010

I have reworked the article about The Klingon Forehead Problem (formatting, pictures, corrections, a few new facts).

13 Oct 2010

Two new DS9 Reviews of season 2: "Sanctuary" and "Rivals".

08 Oct 2010

Just a technical note that e-mail links are now tagged with an "envelope".

04 Oct 2010

JoAT update with 13 new or updated designs. See all the Recent Additions at a glance. Sorry to all the contributors this has taken so long. You can see the status of your designs in the JoAT feedback thread at the SCN.

03 Oct 2010

Jörg has found new "8-dimensional" in-jokes in DS9: "Equilibrium".



30 Sep 2010

New renders of Little Nell I & II by Rob Willson and Bluescale plans of the Spectre by Allen Rolfes in the Starfleet Museum.

29 Sep 2010

There's a bunch of new schematic side views in the Starship Database, provided by Chris G. Find better pics of Federation drydocks, Romulan and Borg vessels, the Whale Probe, and more.

22 Sep 2010

Jörg has made the endeavor to scrutinize all appearances of Picard's Shakespeare Books. These appeared in nearly every TNG episode, flipped open in a showcase in the ready room or in his quarters. He has managed to identify the different books and even almost all pages that could be seen on screen in the various episodes.

18 Sep 2010

Now that I have reviewed the whole series, here is an editorial about Star Trek: The Original Series.

15 Sep 2010

Another prequel story by Travis Anderson: Mass Destruction. The Cardassians have developed a first strike population killer. In their desperation, Ro and Macen's cell will turn to anyone...even Starfleet.

14 Sep 2010

And while I was at it, "The Tholian Web", "Whom Gods Destroy" and "The Mark of Gideon" conclude the reviews of season 3 of TOS.

07 Sep 2010

"A Private Little War" and "The Immunity Syndrome" are my two last reviews of season 2 of TOS.

02 Sep 2010

The reviews of TOS season 1 are finished with the addition of "The Galileo Seven", "The Squire of Gothos" and "The Devil in the Dark".



25 Aug 2010

Some updates on the Links page.

24 Aug 2010

Detailed reviews of two great episodes of season 2 of TOS: "Mirror, Mirror" and "The Ultimate Computer".

17 Aug 2010

Just a small update: two new props from other series/movies in Star Trek. Thanks to Jörg!

15 Aug 2010

From season 3 of TOS: Arrogant alien women give Kirk a hard time in "Elaan of Troyius" and "Wink of an Eye".

14 Aug 2010

Note that the "Inconsistencies" section at EAS is now more appropriately named "Investigations". All URLs remain the same.

13 Aug 2010

More reviews of season 1 of TOS: "Shore Leave" and "This Side of Paradise".

10 Aug 2010

The DS9 Reviews of season 2 continue with "Necessary Evil" and "Second Sight".

07 Aug 2010

Reviews of season 1 of TOS: "Court Martial" and "Errand of Mercy".

03 Aug 2010

Here is a detailed article about the history and applications of CGI in Star Trek, about involved people and companies. This article was originally written by Sennim for Memory Alpha.



28 Jul 2010

Two more reviews of season 3 of TOS. McCoy falls in love in "For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky", Kirk in "Requiem for Methuselah".

27 Jul 2010

Reviews of season 3 of TOS: "Spectre of the Gun" and "Plato's Stepchildren".

26 Jul 2010

New short URL for my Facebook page:

25 Jul 2010

New Re-Used Planet Set: buildings from the movie "Logan's Run" that appeared a few times in Star Trek.

19 Jul 2010

Entering the Facebook test phase with EAS (and a still unwieldy preliminary URL). I hope you like it.

14 Jul 2010

Detailed reviews of three more episodes of season 2 of TOS: "Wolf in the Fold", "Obsession" and "Return to Tomorrow".

11 Jul 2010

On this day ten years ago I moved EAS from the university server to my own webspace with the new domain name

06 Jul 2010

Two "old" short stories from Travis Anderson's SID series archives: Hostile Ground and Keeping the Peace.

04 Jul 2010

EAS will continue to be on Twitter, now that I have made it work half-way decently.

03 Jul 2010

Evil Starship Factory wins an EAE Award. Congratulations!



30 Jun 2010

The final act of "The Tressaurian Intersection" still hasn't been released. Anyway, here are the reviews of the so far two episodes of Starship Exeter.

29 Jun 2010

Update of the "Star Trek (2009)" fleet chart, and a new chart with the "official" scale of the ships.

28 Jun 2010

Two more DS9 Reviews of season 2: "Melora" and "Rules of Acquisition".

24 Jun 2010

New Poll inspired by a discussion at Should the next Trek movie be "darker"?

23 Jun 2010

Just a note that I have switched the EAS feed to RSS 2.0, with new date fields. As developers don't care about owners of old-fashioned websites, I am condemned to type the complete code by hand. It may not work perfectly. Feedback is welcome.

22 Jun 2010

More from TOS season 1: "The Enemy Within", "Space Seed" and "Operation - Annihilate!".

15 Jun 2010

More DS9 Reviews of season 2: "Invasive Procedures" and "Cardassians".

12 Jun 2010

I have reworked the general considerations on Time Travel to include additional references and to comply with the generally accepted nomenclature.

09 Jun 2010

And here are "Mudd's Women", "The Conscience of the King" and "Arena" from the first TOS season.



31 May 2010

Reviews of three more episodes of season 3 of TOS: "The Cloud Minders", "All Our Yesterdays", "Turnabout Intruder".

28 May 2010

And while I was at it, here are the reviews of the two animated episodes of Starship Farragut.

25 May 2010

Some more ship images from Drex Files. Please follow the signs.

19 May 2010

I have reviewed the fan film "Star Trek: Of Gods and Men".

18 May 2010

My DS9 Reviews of season 2 start with the trilogy consisting of "The Homecoming", "The Circle" and "The Siege".

14 May 2010

Here's a review of Star Trek Phase II: "Blood and Fire".

06 May 2010

Jörg has compiled a gallery of Visual TOS References in Modern Star Trek.

04 May 2010

Reviews of three more episodes of season 3 of TOS: "And the Children Shall Lead", "The Way to Eden", "The Savage Curtain".



30 Apr 2010

The last two DS9 Reviews of the first season: "Duet" and "In the Hands of the Prophets".

26 Apr 2010

Several small updates today: Renders of the D3 by Christopher Griggs, new images of "Star Trek (2009)" ships by Chris G. and Madman, NASA references in the new movie by Jörg.

19 Apr 2010

Reviews of the four "parallel Earth" episodes of season 2 of TOS: "Bread and Circuses", "A Piece of the Action", "Patterns of Force", "The Omega Glory".

13 Apr 2010

Reviews of three episodes of season 3 of TOS: "Spock's Brain", "The Empath", "The Lights of Zetar".

12 Apr 2010

Some new Re-Used Weapons, courtesy of Jörg as usual.

07 Apr 2010

Update of the Star Trek (2009) Ship Classes, now with all ground vehicles and with some new thumbnails. Thanks to C.HellenBrandt.

03 Apr 2010

The next two DS9 Reviews: "The Forsaken" and "Dramatis Personae".



30 Mar 2010

Reviews of early TOS episodes: "Where No Man Has Gone Before" (second pilot), "The Corbomite Maneuver" (first produced episode), "The Man Trap" (first aired episode).

22 Mar 2010

New in the Starfleet Museum: a preview of the Capella-class survey ship, full article to be posted later.

18 Mar 2010

The EAE Award goes to My Star Trek Scrapbook. Congratulations!

16 Mar 2010

To all visitors: EAS has been attacked from the IP The damage has been repaired and I apologize for any inconvenience!

14 Mar 2010

Poll in reference to Dealing with Continuity Issues of the Abramsverse: What is your personal theory about "Star Trek (2009)"?

13 Mar 2010

Here is a new thorough investigation of the Variations of TOS Computers. Thanks a lot to Will who allowed me to re-post his article at EAS!

12 Mar 2010

Clean-up of the Links page. I have removed several outdated orunproductive links and added a few new ones.

10 Mar 2010

I have added more ship images from Drex Files. Please follow the signs.

08 Mar 2010

Now that the dust has settled, here is a new take on Dealing with Continuity Issues of the Abramsverse. Bottom line: As much some people condemn my "wrong" findings, we should at least all know what we're talking about and perhaps reconsider a few things.

03 Mar 2010

Three more TOS reviews, all of season 2: "Metamorphosis", "I, Mudd", "The Trouble with Tribbles".

01 Mar 2010

Variations of the Negh'Var.



25 Feb 2010

The next two DS9 Reviews: "Progress" and "If Wishes Were Horses".

21 Feb 2010

Poll: Who is the best (regular) first officer?

19 Feb 2010

Here is a small article about Re-Used Make-ups in VOY: "Tsunkatse".

18 Feb 2010

And while I'm at it, here's another new one: Redresses of Tau's Pirate Fighter.

17 Feb 2010

Redresses of the Ramuran Tracer Ship.

12 Feb 2010

Jörg and I have investigated the gradual make-up refinement of the Jem'Hadar: Races with Changing Faces - Jem'Hadar.

11 Feb 2010

Three more TOS reviews, all of season 1: "Dagger of the Mind", "Miri", "Tomorrow is Yesterday".

09 Feb 2010

Planet Mutations that now includes Bajor, Cardassia and some more planets.

08 Feb 2010

TOS time: detailed reviews of "The Return of the Archons", "Friday's Child" and "Day of the Dove".

02 Feb 2010

Variations and Redresses of the Galor Class Bridge.



28 Jan 2010

Another two DS9 Reviews: "Battle Lines" and "The Storyteller".

25 Jan 2010

"Star Trek: The Motion Picture" recently celebrated its 30th anniversary, and while it still ranks among my favorites it is not free of inconsistencies.

18 Jan 2010

More TOS reviews, this time of three really bad episodes: "The Alternative Factor" (my all-time least favorite), "The Apple" and "That Which Survives".

12 Jan 2010

Reviews of three great 2nd season TOS episodes: "Amok Time", "The Doomsday Machine" and "The Changeling".

08 Jan 2010

Poll: Who is the best (regular) chief medical officer?

06 Jan 2010

Two new DS9 Reviews: "The Nagus" and "Vortex".

05 Jan 2010

Continuing my detailed TOS reviews with the four episodes "Charlie X", "A Taste of Armageddon", "The Deadly Years" and "Assignment: Earth".

01 Jan 2010

Happy New Year! And Congratulations to, winner of an EAE Award!


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