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17 Mar 2019

Here is the Poll on "Project Daedalus".

15 Mar 2019

This week's Discovery episode comes with a decent amount of action, with a minor character who suddenly moves into the focus and with some interaction that feels odd. Read my review of DIS: "Project Daedalus".

11 Mar 2019

Updated Poll: Please rate "If Memory Serves".

09 Mar 2019

Discovery revisits the very beginning of the Star Trek franchise in what is primarily designed to be a homage to the first pilot episode, "The Cage". Read my review of DIS: "If Memory Serves".

03 Mar 2019

Updated Poll: What do you think about "Light and Shadows"?

02 Mar 2019

The search for Spock is over (if you don't mind the spoiler). Here is my episode review of DIS: "Light and Shadows" with full spoilers. Despite some gripes with the characters, I think it is the best episode of season 2 so far.


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