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27 Mar 2017

See Worf, Alexander and Deanna make their stand in Deadwood, Arizona: Observations in TNG: "A Fistful of Datas". You can find the complete screen cap gallery at TrekCore (including Data in a dress if you insist on it).

19 Mar 2017

The next two Voyager season 3 reviews: "Favorite Son" and "Before and After".

11 Mar 2017

When the Ferengi take over the Enterprise, it is up to a teenage Captain Picard and the other kids to save the ship. As silly as the premise is, this episode is visually interesting, so check out our Observations in TNG: "Rascals" in SD and HD screen caps. You can find the complete screen cap gallery at TrekCore.

07 Mar 2017

Jason Isaacs has been cast as Captain Lorca of the USS Discovery. Mary Wiseman will appear as Tilly, a Starfleet Academy Cadet aboard the same ship "in her final year of study."

04 Mar 2017

Here are my reviews of the next two Voyager season 3 episodes, "Darkling" and "Rise".


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