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20 Apr 2019

Here is a write-up about the time travel phenomena related to the Red Angel: Time Travel in Star Trek: Discovery.

19 Apr 2019

As could be expected, the second season of Star Trek Discovery ends with a major space battle. But what happens to the ship and crew? Here is my full-spoiler review of "Such Sweet Sorrow, Part II".

Updated Poll: Rate the second part of the season finale, "Such Sweet Sorrow, Part II".

14 Apr 2019

I have programmed a workaround for the episode submission form that is now operational again but doesn't send confirmation e-mails any longer (at least, they usually don't arrive). The feedback form still doesn't work for this reason. Sending out e-mails that don't bounce off as spam would require to set up an SMTP relay, for which I neither have the access rights on the server nor the knowledge.

12 Apr 2019

Star Trek Discovery bids farewell to the ship, to Michael Burnham and ultimately to the whole crew in the tear-jerking first part of the season finale. We will learn next week whether our tears (and yes, maybe also tears of joy) were justified. So far, you can read my review of "Such Sweet Sorrow".

Updated Poll: Please rate "Such Sweet Sorrow".


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