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10 Nov 2018

Here is my review of the second Short Treks episode, "Calypso". It is quite a departure from the narrative of Discovery. But it demonstrates how good science fiction works, or could work in the context of the series too.

09 Nov 2018

Jörg and I just wanted to update our article on Forgotten Alien Emblems (which we did). But we noticed that there is no investigation of the numerous variations of the familiar Klingon emblem at EAS, and that no one else ever cared for it in detail. So here is our all-new article on The Evolution of the Klingon Emblem, with as many as 134 pictures and illustrations. See dozens of variations and discover which of them are customary and which are rather unusual.

02 Nov 2018

Several updates to the Discovery ships and their sizes, especially the Klingon ones. I have also compiled a size chart for the Klingon ships of Discovery.

27 Oct 2018

A new article by Tadeo D'Oria investigates the changes to Enterprise-E bridge from "Star Trek: First Contact" to "Star Trek: Insurrection" and "Star Trek Nemesis": The Evolution of the Enterprise-E Bridge.


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