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16 Oct 2018

I have added still more re-used props, especially containers. The appearances of the U.S. Navy sonobuoy containers are so numerous that I moved them to a new article: Re-Uses of Sonobuoy Containers.

15 Oct 2018

A new story in the series The Cause by Travis Anderson: Freedom. One year after the arrests made by the Federation-Cardassian Counterterrorism Task Force, Ro and her cell decide to deal with matters while they can. And a second threat arises to face the entire DMZ.

13 Oct 2018

More news about Discovery's season 2 and the Picard series comes from New York Comic Con. Read the news round-up of the past week and my comments on Klingon hair and aspect ratios.

07 Oct 2018

A new trailer for Discovery's season 2 shows Rebecca Romijn as Pike's "Number One" and Ethan Peck as Spock for the first time. We can also see Klingons with hair and a familiar Klingon K't'inga cruiser. Read the complete news and my comment.


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