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15 Aug 2019

In another new article, we investigate The Emblem of Starfleet Command as it appeared in several DS9 and Voyager episodes. Research: Jörg Hillebrand, illustrations: Brad Wilder.

10 Aug 2019

We have completely reworked and extended the old article about the yellow Starfleet Command flag from Enterprise. The new article includes all Earth Starfleet logos based on the "boomerang" design: The Emblems of Earth Starfleet and Earth Starfleet Command.

03 Aug 2019

Mike McMahan reveals a few more details about Star Trek: Lower Decks. He says that it is important for the show to adhere to canon, although he doesn't really seem to answer the question whether it will be canon itself.

29 Jul 2019

A few new illustrations of starship interiors, such as Voyager's holodeck and Voyager's shuttlebay by BobyE.


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