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16 Feb 2019

Rate the latest DIS episode, "Saints of Imperfection", in the updated Poll.

09 Feb 2019

Thanks for the many get-well wishes! As I'm unable to write a review, here is just the Poll: Rate "An Obol for Charon".

As much as I would love to make the review form work again, it would require to set up an SMTP relay and is very complex. So sorry, no guest reviews either.

04 Feb 2019

Health problems related to stress force me to suspend site updates for the time being. Please be patient. I may read e-mails, but don't expect a reply any time soon.

02 Feb 2019

The new hair on Klingon heads is no help. With the return of L'Rell, Voq, Georgiou and their storylines, the latest Discovery episode is a setback with nearly all the mistakes of the first season, and also a very uneven episode. Read my review of DIS: "Point of Light".


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