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18 Jan 2019

The Discovery season 2 premiere is available (outside the USA) since earlier today. Here is my review of this exciting episode, which also includes some annoying aspects though.

14 Jan 2019

CBS officially announced the so far rumored series about the adventures of former Emperor Georgiou and Section 31. As could be expected, my reaction is not friendly (you have been warned).

09 Jan 2019

The new Picard series will be influenced by the destruction of Romulus in the Abramsverse. While for fans of authentic Star Trek this seems to bode ill, I'm still optimistic. Read the full comment.

08 Jan 2019

I conclude my reviews of Voyager's fourth season with the exciting season finale, "Hope and Fear".

05 Jan 2019

Here is my review of the fourth and final Short Treks episode, "The Escape Artist". Harry Mudd has been captured and is about to be turned over to Starfleet. But he wouldn't be a con man if he didn't still have some trick up his sleeve.


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