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05 May 2016

Update to the article on Starfleet Buildings in San Francisco: In the alternate timeline, Starfleet Headquarters (or at least a part thereof) is apparently located in the city center of San Francisco, adjacent to 2nd Street. Thanks to Alexander for the hint!

29 Apr 2016

Added two game reviews by Andrew Friden: Star Trek Armada II and Star Trek: Starfleet Command III.

27 Apr 2016

Jörg and I have compiled an all-new article on the Bajoran subimpulse raider and its redresses. Variations of this small ship (originally from DS9: "The Siege") appeared in all four modern Star Trek series, as a physical model and as CGI.

22 Apr 2016

We discovered that a Star Trek miniature that we already wrote a lot about had a past life in the Disney series Earth Star Voyager from 1988.


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