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14 Jan 2016

Two more Voyager season 3 reviews: "Alter Ego" and "Coda".

08 Jan 2016

Here are my reviews of two more Voyager season 3 episodes, "Macrocosm" and "Fair Trade".

01 Jan 2017

Happy New Year 2017!

Cuddly puppies, standing on the Enterprise at warp and planetary spring cleaning! Here are our Observations in TNG: "True Q" in SD and HD screen caps.

30 Dec 2016

New Poll: What would you like to see in Star Trek Discovery?

29 Dec 2016

Here is a new story by Travis Anderson, set in the TOS Movie era: Star Trek: In the Shadows. Mira Romaine is called out Memory Alpha for an unprecedented information exchange with the Romulan Star Empire. Romaine is unprepared for just how much information she'll be exchanging.


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