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15 Sep 2017

And here are my comments on the revelation what the Klingon sarcophagus ship is about.

14 Sep 2017

Worf is on a quest for his father, and so is Data, in a manner of speaking. See our Observations in TNG: "Birthright I". Our friends at TrekCore have the complete HD screen cap gallery of the episode.

11 Sep 2017

Only 12 days left. Here is my perhaps final news round-up with a summary of recent media coverage on Discovery and my comments.

09 Sep 2017

It was and still is my intention not to analyze Discovery at EAS before the series is on air. But since the media and many fans welcome the totally new look of the Klingons and inept explanation attempts abound, here is my article on the new Klingons that I have been holding back so far.

I have also prepared the site structure for the Discovery episode guide and reviews. There is nothing to see yet, but the new section will give Discovery the same coverage as all other Star Trek series and films. And one more thing, for Discovery the abbreviation DIS (not DSC) will be used at EAS. This is not meant derisive but in line with VOY (not VGR) and ENT (not ETP). Memory Alpha beat me to it and already uses the same notation.

04 Sep 2017

Only 19 days left until the launch of Star Trek Discovery. Here is a news round-up on the USS Discovery bridge and other set designs of the upcoming series.


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