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20 Aug 2016

Here is a poll on the on the USS Discovery ship design. There is also a new write-up on the reasons why Starfleet's ships have saucer-shaped main hulls at Canon Fodder.

13 Aug 2016

More "Star Trek Beyond"-related updates: the galleries with Abramsverse Federation Vessels and Abramsverse Alien Vessels, the Abramsverse FAQ and a write-up on Krall's backstory at Canon Fodder.

11 Aug 2016

Bryan Fuller revealed some details on the new series Star Trek: Discovery. It is set ten years before Kirk, has a female lead character who is not the captain and will feature many aliens.

08 Aug 2016

I have expanded the article on Continuity Issues of the Abramsverse regarding the apparently new official policy on how we are supposed to understand the Kelvin Timeline.


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