Past Updates 2006

I wish everyone a great new year 2007!

Finally, the TAS ships at one glance on the Fleet Charts page.

And here are the TAS Alien Ship Classes.

I have completed the first part of the TAS starship database, with details on and all-new images of TAS Starfleet & Federation Ship Classes.

Merry Christmas to all visitors!

Finally a new story in the Star Trek Renegade series by J. Grey, the Christmas Special 2006,
Christmas Presence.

I have added visual evidence from remastered TOS episodes (so far of the First Federation and Gorn) to the Starship Database.

Now that TAS may become canon, I have accordingly revised my policy on the page What is Canon? and added a commentary about the new situation.

Some more rearrangements in the Inconsistencies section, plus new facts about the Tellarite make-up.

I have reshuffled a few long articles in the Inconsistencies section in order to reduce loading times.

Außerdem gibt es jetzt einen Nachtrag zu "(T)Raumschiff Surprise" (an addendum about a German movie farce remotely based on Star Trek).

The Trek Movie Report by Anthony Pascale wins the EAE Award. Congratulations!

A message to the scumbag who launched a massive spam attack misusing my domain names: Your efforts are absolutely futile. Pity on your puny existence.

A few more facts in the article about the Type-7 Shuttle and The Changing Face of Livingston (the fish, not the man).

A new article by Jörg and me examines Variations of the Type-7 Shuttle in great detail.

Sifting through the Add-Your-Link database, I have weeded out no less than 38 links, almost 10% of the total number, because they are gone for good. And this after only a couple of months since the last complete check! I have also removed all links to Freeservers, a dubious web host with multiple pop-ups and "error messages" that smell like spyware installation.

Just a few corrections this week, and some "The Voyage Home" nitpicking.

I have slightly reworked the TOS Section, replacing all blurry old episode pics and editing my sometimes clumsy text.

This month's EAE Award goes to The IDIC Page. Congratulations!

A few additions to the Star Trek Clichés, Movie-Specific Inconsistencies and Other Exobiology Inconsistencies.

A new article about the old question, Which is the Peregrine Class?

Uploaded several new JoAT designs.

I will post guest reviews as they are sent to me through the Submission Form. A few first reviews for TNG, Voyager and DS9 are already online.

Expanded and updated the SID Profiles in the Fan Fiction section.

Travis Anderson's latest novel in the Special Investigations Division series is entitled

Test phase of a new form to submit your episode reviews to EAS.

New Poll: What is your most important Trek-related pastime?

Redresses of Qatai's Vessel, yet another in-depth analysis of alien ships by Jörg and me.

New in the partially re-arranged Galleries: 34 scans from the Fact Files, mostly of Starfleet medical devices and of Starfleet or alien tricorders.

Some minor updates in the Inconsistencies section.

On a technical note, I have implemented further anti-spam measures in the feedback form, as some scumbags are abusing it to bombard me with hundreds of spam messages every week.

A couple of new items in the category of Bloopers and Oddities. Most of these have been suggested by visitors. Thank you!

See a number of new emblems drawn by Jörg in the Galleries.

The Complete Starfleet Library receives this month's EAE Award. Congratulations!

Deck plans of 13 more Starfleet Museum ships and updated design notes by Allen Rolfes. Please follow the signs!

Added a review of the non-fiction book Boarding the Enterprise.

Find some interesting new facts on the Drayan shuttle which is a modification of the Talarian warship. Thanks a lot to Jörg!

The Subspace Comms Network has moved to Nov-Net. Members are requested to re-register there. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Please note that I will be on vacation until September 26th. After my return I will be able to take care only of the most important requests.

Redresses of the Orbital Office Complex - a new article based on Jörg's meticulous observations.

Happy 40th birthday, Star Trek! Here are greetings from fans around the world and a short history of Star Trek.

I am looking for "birthday greetings" from fans on the occasion of Star Trek's 40th birthday on September 8th. Anyone who would like to contribute, please use the contact form or the guestbook. Write a few sentences on since when you know Star Trek, what you like or dislike about it, how you see its future or whatever else you'd like to say. Please sign with the name that you wish to be credited with. It will remain permanently posted at EAS, no e-mail addresses will be published.

Star Trek Gamers receives this month's EAE Award. Congratulations, Katie!

Analysis of the Qualor II Surplus Depot with better screen caps and a few new findings.

Two small but nifty supplements: the surface of the "Weird Planet" and the evolution of the Badlands.

On a new page: Re-Used Interior Sets.

The Fan Fiction section now has a distinctive look (using CSS and SSI). Some tweaking is still to be done, so there may be occasional display errors.

New Re-Used Make-up: Garans & Tosk.

See a comprehensive article describing The Evolution of the Cardassian Emblem. Many thanks to Jörg and Shisma!

Congratulations to the winner of the EAE Award for August 2006,!

Added a few Re-Used Make-ups, plus some slight updates in the Starship Database.

Clean-up of the Links page, eight new links added.

Here are two small new features: inconsistencies of "The Final Frontier" and genetic similarity of humanoids.

See several new items on the page about Bloopers and Oddities.

Read Genesis (3 pages), Travis Anderson's new novel in the Special Investigations Division series.

A meticulous new article describes The Evolution of the Federation Emblem. Many thanks to Jörg, who spotted the countless variants and made the screen caps, for his hard work!

Small update in the Starship Gallery: added a few pictures of Federation ships, like Enterprise-D in spacedock or Maquis ship top view.

Added the descriptions of DS9 Season 3.

Utopia Planitia Yards wins the EAE Award July 2006. Congratulations!

See some new JoAT designs.

Still ten more Re-Used Props all of which were suggested by various visitors. Thanks for your support! New Poll: Vote for your favorite future project at EAS.

New previews of transport vessels in the Starfleet Museum. Full write-ups by Masao and deck plans by Allen Rolfes to be added soon.

Added new items to the Re-Used Props, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4. Many thanks to Jörg!

I am honored to receive the Golden Warp Core Award. Thanks a lot to the team of TrekCore!

Site security: In a double strike against spammers, all PHP forms (like the Contact) are now using special filters to protect myself as well as to prevent criminal misuse of my forms for covert dissemination of spam. Forms with typical spam language and with fraudulent characteristics will be rejected.

No new content because I have been busy fixing display errors and some hardly noticeable yet annoying bugs in the cryptic CGI scripts for the Site Search (now with a better page content preview), Guestbook and Add Your Link features.

This month's EAE Award goes to Steve's Star Trek TOS Site. Congratulations!

The Treknology Encyclopedia A-K, L-Z has become a substandard part of this site, with insufficiently quoted facts and randomly supplemented with trivia and apocrypha. This is why I have decided to revise the whole section with a better distinction of canon and non-canon. Furthermore I have moved all secondary (one-time) technology to the supplement A-K, L-Z in order to allow the database to grow. Please note that it is a work in progress.

The descriptions of DS9 Season 2 are available.

Some new scans of starship interiors and other rooms, such as of the refitted Enterprise engineering or the Regula I lab.

Added the descriptions of DS9 Season 5.

Travis Anderson's new novel in the Special Investigations Division series is entitled The Farside Mission (3 pages).

Updates and fixes: Enhanced contrast of many screen caps in Starship Articles section, added facts to Delta Flyer article, complete update of Links page.

TrekCore wins the EAE Award May 2006. Congratulations!

Added the descriptions of DS9 Season 4.

Comprehensive update (38 new images) of the series on Re-Used Props. Most of the new items are from TOS, in particular several pieces of clothing and some weapons. As always, special thanks to Jörg for his steady work!

See a few new JoAT designs.

Added a review of Star Trek Vanguard: Harbinger.

Some updates in the article about Sexual Dimorphism.

A new article by Jörg and me examines Sexual Dimorphism of Star Trek Aliens.

Please note that I will be on holiday until April 20. Upon my return I will only reply to the most important requests.

In an attempt to get some progress in neglected projects, I have added the descriptions of DS9 Season 6.

It's been a long time since the last update to my own ship designs. Anyway, here is a detailed version of my Boreth class.

The EAE Award April 2006 goes to to the Borderlands RPG. Congratulations!

Enjoy many new findings in the category of Bloopers and Oddities.

Many changes on the Links page.

I have added new items to the Re-Used Props, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4. Thanks to all contributors!

Enjoy some new stuff in the JoAT.

I have further expanded the page about Re-Used Planet Sets.

3D Constructs wins the EAE Award for March 2006. Congratulations to Thomas! There is a new Poll, you guessed it, regarding the new look of EAS.

On the occasion of the recent site redesign I have updated and extended the EAS Site History.

The restructuring and transition to SSI and CSS is finished for the most part - the by far biggest redesign of this site in eight years! Some tweaking with images and CSS formats remains to be done. There are probably still many errors left, as I had to recode almost 500 pages and 6 scripts mostly manually. The main index will be redesigned later. I will also compile an overview of the changes and the new techniques used at EAS.

I am in the course of restructuring the site and creating a new look. This may result in dead links and layout errors. You don't need to report them, as it is a transitional phase for several days.

I have added the DS9 Character Bios.

Read Travis Anderson's new novel in the Special Investigations Division series, entitled The Romulan Mission.

A couple of updates in the Starship Database, most notably new renders and thumbnails of some vessels.

Also, see new evidence about the Boslic and Ktarian make-ups.

Here are some basic TNG Character Bios.

Find four new theories about the development of warp drive, the flight of the Valiant, the Xindi and the Mirror Universe in the "History" category at
Canon Fodder.

Whatever they did at GMX, the e-mail account seems to be working again.

Due to the overzealous spam protection of GMX Mail I am not able to receive any messages sent through any of these forms: EAS Feedback, JoAT, Particle Submission. As there is no hope of getting GMX to fix the bug I have to switch all scripts to an extra e-mail address which is going to take a couple of days.

Congratulations to UFPCroatia, winner of the February 2006 EAE Award.

The new Federation Fleet Chart concludes the fleet chart updates.

See 10 new JoAT designs.

Some intriguing new thoughts about the changing look of the Andorians. Thanks to George and Jörg!

The new shuttle size chart has become so big that I decided to split it: Federation shuttle chart & Alien shuttle chart.

A few changes in the Fleet Charts of the huge alien vessels and the stations.

New Poll with a purely hypothetical question: Would you support a Star Trek re-imagination the way it was done with Battlestar Galactica?

Here is the new Alien Fleet Chart - Gamma & Delta Quadrant.

Finally a new edition of the Alien Fleet Chart - Alpha & Beta Quadrant. Please note that only those vessels have been included whose size I could estimate and of which decent artwork exists. The other fleet charts will follow soon.

Happy New Year! The first EAE Award of this year goes to The Ressikan Flute. Congratulations!


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