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Merry Christmas! Added still more arguments to the Defiant and Oberth discussions. I have also made some minor changes and corrections throughout the website.

Added some new arguments to the Oberth page.

New poll about Star Trek X. Please vote!

Danke für den Zehn Vorne Award! Außerdem gibt es einen neuen Artikel über Registriernummern.

Here is yet another article, about the Dominion battleship.

If anyone has sent me e-mail lately and not received a reply, please contact me again. It's really nasty. I have four SMTP servers to choose from, but none of them works properly.

I was planning to bring the articles online one by one, but I just couldn't wait: Defiant - yes, 120m, Oberth - stuff for new controversies, Delta Flyer - it just doesn't fit. Many thanks to Chris, Frank, and Jim!

Thanks to Forger for his award, and congratulations to The Prime Directive, winner of the EAE Award!

I'm preparing some new starship articles. Please stay tuned!

Please take the new EAS poll!

Für die deutschsprachigen Besucher gibt es einen weiteren Artikel, diesmal über den Transporter.



Added Quetzalcoatl class and Hyperion class to the Starfleet Museum.

I have fixed several links and made a few small improvements, most notably new schematics of the New Orleans and the Cheyenne.

Thanks to Voyager's Delights for their award!

Neu: eine Seite für den deutschsprachigen Star Trek Weekly Newsletter.

Added new images to the Wolf 359 article and fixed several defunct external links.

Added a new diagram to the ship registry article and rearranged the links.

Update of the Starfleet Museum, most notably with a new article about the Daedalus class.

Thanks to Alex for his Daedalus Award (nice coincidence) and to FAdm Minosh for the 15th Fleet Award.

Added images and diagrams of the Malon garbage scow.

The Trekker wins the EAE Award for November 2000. Congratulations to Lance!

I have removed some dead links and added a few new ones.

Added five-view schematics and a cutaway diagram of the Sovereign class.

Thanks a lot to Starfleet Supply and to the 7th Fleet for their awards!

Updated the shuttle size chart, added the Srivani ship and two more episodes to the Voyager season 6 list.



Updated Voyager season 6 list and added an analysis of "Blink of an Eye".

Some updates and corrections to Wolf 359, World Tour (thanks to Urs), and Meteor class (thanks to Paul).

Added or changed several links. Thanks a lot to Christian of StarTrek-Base for his Platin Award.

A page about Romulan cruisers supplements the Starfleet Museum.

Added new schematics of the original Constitution class.

Furthermore I had to change or remove several defunct links.

The Antares problem is now on a separate page, along with numerous new images.

Several updates in the Treknology encyclopedia.

Still more material about Wolf 359, plus a few corrections in the starship database.

Main Engineering wins the EAE Award for October 2000. Congratulations!

EAS is Site of the Month at Linkway. Thanks a lot!

Bridge diagrams of the Krenim weapon ship and the Pakled ship. Also check out a few new links.



Bridge diagrams of the Prometheus and Ru'afo's command ship.

Schematics of the (butt-ugly!) three-nacelled Enterprise from AGT, plus season 3 and 4 in the TNG episode guide.

Star Trek Day! Please spare a minute and drop a few lines at the Star Trek Day Message Board.

Please support Star Trek Day (September 8th)!

The EAE Award for September 2000 goes to The Gigantic Collection of Star Trek Minutiae. Congratulations Dan, and keep up the great work!

Updated Voyager inconsistencies, added images of the Voyager studio model, added schematics of the almost canon Saladin/Hermes and Ptolemy.

Furthermore, I have revised several Movie, TOS and Voyager episode ratings.



28 new images in the ASDB, including a page with several possible designs for the Antares class. The Deneva class has been further developed.

New in the gallery: Voth city ship(!) and Starfleet fighter.

Added a couple of new images to the starship gallery, and a few inconsistencies.

Several new images in the Starfleet Museum, most notably 3D versions of almost all Romulan War ships by Fabio of 3D Gladiators.

Thanks to Starfleet Intelligence for the Ventury Award and to Unimatrix 0-1 for their Gold Award.

Big update to the
starship gallery with 150 new files from the book Star Trek Mechanics and the Star Trek Fact Files, most of them new to the web.

Major changes to the starship list. I have added a new category of ship classes whose existence is uncertain.

Finally, I have written a few critical lines about the program which I use to create these pages, Frontpage 2000.

The site has grown to an extent where navigation might get confusing. This is why I have created new index pages. Click the small icons Info, Starships, Fleet Yards, Treknology, Starship Models, Database, Features, and Community on this page and in the upper right corner of every other page!

I'm currently preparing a huge update with over 100 new ship images from the great book Star Trek Mechanics. But give me some time, because real life is demanding its tribute too.

Added an analysis of computer capacities in Star Trek.

Please support Star Trek Day! Thanks to Deep Space Alpha where EAS is the Site of the Month.

The EAE Award goes to the Federation Starship Datalink. Congratulations, Hobbes!

The updated and improved Federation fleet chart is ready. Warning: huge file (approx. 300K).



Several additions to the Starfleet Museum, including a number of new ship emblems, 3D scenes of the Minotaurs and of the Wasp class.

Made a few additions and corrections to the software test, added a starship registry chart and images of the two Bajoran freighter types.

I have made a few corrections to the article about the infamous Antares class, more to come soon.

Furthermore, I have modified the side view of the Niagara class to match the actual model better.

Still more new articles about ship classes and ship names, some new evidence about ancient Romulans, and improved schematics of the Barracuda class.

A few updates to the articles about ship classes and ship names, to the links and to the partner sites.

The three banners on the bottom of the index page should change every time the page is reloaded, provided you have JavaScript enabled. It's my first script, please inform me of any problems with it.

Thanks a lot to Dan for his Explosive Site Award. Visit Dan's brand new site, The Gigantic Collection of Star Trek Minutiae. The long title is absolutely justified!

I have made several (possibly imperceptible) corrections to the names and registries of my starship designs and added a detailed image of the Newton class. New: an "Add-a-Link" function.

A couple of additions to the Wolf 359 page. Thanks to all contributors!

Thanks to Karen for her Riley Award!

Moved the whole "EAS family" to the new server. Domains:

I have added a TNG episode guide for season 1 and 2, more episodes to come soon.

A new article describes inconsistencies of the replicator and the holodeck.

It seems I have to reconsider my opinion about Adobe Illustrator. See what is possible: Enterprise-B (JPG, PDF), Enterprise-C (JPG, PDF), Enterprise-E (JPG, PDF). Thanks a lot to Mike Swantak!

Please visit the new Subspace Relay, and see fantastic 3D models at 3D Gladiators, some of them originating in the Starfleet Museum.

The EAE Award for July goes to Jim Wright's Delta Blues. Congratulations!

Several updates and corrections to the starship lists A-K, L-Z and other starships, and to the articles about ship classes and ship names.



I have updated the links.

Great news about the Wolf 359 research (again!). Thanks a lot to Masaki Taniko for the photo of the Niagara-class USS Princeton.

See some new scans of the Klingon BoP and the Delta Flyer.

I have compiled several questions about starship classes and starship names and registries (and answered some of them). More to come soon.

Also new: Sydney class, my fourth and best attempt to reconstruct its side view.

Furthermore, there are four more episode reviews of Voyager's season 6.

Several changes in the ASDB section, with 22 new images. Check out our latest musings about the Deneva class.

Great news about the Wolf 359 research. See a picture of the four-nacelled Excelsior class(!), courtesy of Mike Okuda.

Revised ship of the week: Asia refit.

The Starfleet Museum features the Fireball Class and several new images.

Thanks to Outpost 10F for their Award of Excellence.

See detailed drawings of the Eclipse class and the Resolute class and images of the Akira class.

Complete revision of my Caesar class. Some links added or updated.

Visitors frequently ask me what graphics software I'm using and why. My extensive Drawing Software Test compares the performances of three popular programs.

Major update of the Starfleet Museum, with several new pages, images, and descriptions.



I apologize for the long down-time. I hope the server administrator has fixed the recent problems.

In the meantime I have completely revised the drawings of my Lancelot class and Sirius class.

The winner of the EAE Award for June 2000 is SciFi Art.

Added detailed diagrams of the Oberth class and the Jem'Hadar bug.

Added images of the Nova class.

A new article describes and analyzes the reconstruction of the Enterprise in 2271.

New in the Starfleet Museum: the Olympus Mons Class.

New schematic drawings of the Vulcan warpshuttle (side and top), the Sovereign-class nacelle, and the two versions of the Species 8472 bioship.

See the Farragut class and a few more updates in the Starfleet Museum.

The Wambundu and the Merced of the ASDB are now on individual pages.

I have completely revised the San Francisco class, Mauretania class, and Mosquito class.

Mc-Kinley-Station is the winner of the May 2000 EAE Award. Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Andreas! See also some updates to the links.

Added considerations on aliens looking like humans.

Three episode reviews of Voyager's 6th season available.



New images of the Hirogen bridge, timeship Aeon, and space station Epsilon IX.

Added review of Equinox I/II, more from season 6 to come soon.

New detailed images of my Vladivostok class and Patria class.

The 100,000 visitors threshold is surpassed. Thanks to all of you!

Updated the Starfleet Museum. Happy Easter! I will be back on Tuesday. 

Thanks a lot to Reverend for great schematics of the Nebula-class Phoenix and the Soyuz class and some more for which I must still find a suited place.

Added image of the "Proto-Nebula" and refined the design of the Mercury class.

Added image of DS9 Ops.

The EAE Award for April 2000 goes to Star Trek Voyager - Starfleet Database. Congratulations!

A couple of new facts about the Ktarians.

New and much better images of my Andor class and Ramses class.

Furthermore, I have added a few links.

Added images of the Zahl, Nihydron, and Mawasi ships.

Fascinating new article about time travel by Lee Canaday.

Some new patches in Starfleet Museum.

Visit the new Subspace Comms Network, a common project with other Trek websites.

Read my thoughts about the Romulans and since when they have warp drive.

As for the Defiant being at Wolf 359, it was already past midnight when I noticed I still needed something for April Fool's Day. Maybe a higher quality fake next year!

New ship discovered in the Wolf 359 graveyard! Click here.



Added images of three Krenim ship types. Their enemies will follow soon.

Please vote for me at Steve's Trek Page!

A separate page is dedicated to my partner sites, i.e., the sites with which I maintain a close cooperation.

I have regrouped the inconsistencies and added a few new ones.

Thanks to Steve for awarding me his Golden Crew Award.

The ASDB is updated with some new images, including renderings of the Mediterranean by Dave.

Thanks to Georg for awarding my site the Romulus Gold Award.

I have added a schematic of the early Enterprise bridge under Captain Pike.

Added a couple of new exobiology inconsistencies.

I have completely rearranged the section with the ship schematics.

New: the first starship bridges of many more to come.

Several new links added. Thanks to Linda and Jörg for their awards (see page 4)!

The Physics and Technology of Warp Propulsion is going to be a comprehensive reference and analysis. Currently the introduction, the first chapter about FTL travel and real physics and the appendix are available.

The Mediterranean and Istanbul of the ASDB are featured on separate pages, and some more updates.

There are a couple of additions to the Wolf 359 page. Chris has finished his own website, Copernicus Ship Yards, with still more information on the Wolf 359 ships.

Massive addition to the Starfleet Museum: a whole new section on the Earth-Romulan War.



The winner of the
EAE Award for March 2000 is Star Trek in Sound and Vision. Congratulations to Richard and Dave!

Since time doesn't allow me to keep the
ASDB always updated, Chris aka Fabrux has set up an ASDB mirror site.

Several additions to the
ASDB, most notably the finished 3D design of the Renaissance by Dave-s and another one for the Mediterranean and a cool new design for the Istanbul by Jason.

Several updates to the
links page and some smaller changes.

Version 3.2 of the
Wolf 359 page features some new sketches of the still missing ships.

Added a schematic of the Wells-class timeship. Thanks to Reverend.
Changed some entries in the ship lists, reflecting our newest findings.

Added a few graphics to the
Starfleet Museum and improved some schematics in the ASDB.

I have included some statements from Michael Okuda to Version 3.1 of the
Wolf 359 page.

Version 3 of the
Wolf 359 page is ready, and I bet it won't be the last.

Several changes to the
links page and some minor fixes.

There is new information about Wolf 359 every day, so it was already time for an update of the
Wolf 359 page.

Major update of the
ASDB. Added individual pages for the Andromeda, Korolev, Renaissance and Sequoia.

It was one of those improbable coincidences that in the same week three fellow Trek fans contacted me independently of each other about the Wolf 359 ships. See what we have compiled on the new
Wolf 359 page.

New, more "professional" homepage layout finished.

Added the last missing episodes of
Voyager's 5th season.

Congratulations to Matthias Krackau. His site,
Star Trek Lives, is the winner of the EAE Award for February 2000.

You may have noticed some changes to my page layout. I hope you like it.



There are some additions to the
ASDB. Thanks to Rob Caves and David Smith for their 3D models.

A few small changes to the page on the
New Orleans class.

I have added new 2D- and 3D images of the
Detroit class and the Meteor class. Thanks to Thomas and Paul for the 3D modeling.

I'm also planning a special issue on starship bridge designs. It will take some time to prepare all the images. Just an appetizer: Enterprise-E bridge.

Happy birthday, EAS. The site is online for two years. Try the new search function! I have also -finally- registered for a free guestbook. Please drop me a few lines.

I have made a few changes to the
ASDB and set up a new web counter.

Added a side view of the Federation Timeship

I have added part of the missing episodes of
Voyager's 5th season.

I have also removed a couple of defunct links, and added some new ones.

I have received the Trek4Fans Gold Award. Thanks to Sven!

Both the ASDB and the Starfleet Museum feature a couple of new images.

After adding my extensive analysis of VOY: "Relativity", I have decided to split the time travel review into four pages, one for each series.

Starfleet Museum features lots of new graphics.

I have just received the highest rank of the
Spock's Mind Award. Thank you very much, Katja!

My extensive
Voyager episode guide and review (34000 words so far, IIRC) is completed. The missing episodes of season 5 are in work, I will add season 6 as soon as I get the video tapes.

Several changes to the
links page. Also thanks to Bad Guys of Star Trek for the Site of the Month Award!

I'm back, and I'm working to get several updates online. The first
EAE Award of the new year goes to The Ultimate Star Trek Collection. Congratulations!


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