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29 Dec 2021

Another ranking, and not a surprising one this time: The 10 Worst Star Trek Episodes in my view.

26 Dec 2021

Catching up with Star Trek: Prodigy eventually. Here are my reviews of the two latest episodes, "Dreamcatcher" and "Terror Firma".

23 Dec 2021

Here is my review of the second Prodigy episode, "Starstruck". It comes with a simple story but with a good deal of character interaction.

22 Dec 2021

The next list in my series: 10 Starfleet Medical Officers Ranked.

19 Dec 2021

While Star Trek: Prodigy is in its Christmas break, I used the opportunity to review the first episode, "Lost and Found". I will take care of future episodes of the series when I find the time. There will be no more Discovery reviews any time soon, however.

11 Dec 2021

Here is another ranking, and this time an obvious one: The 10 Best Star Trek Episodes in my opinion.

05 Dec 2021

I have added several new observations by Jörg to the old article on TNG: "Booby Trap". There is a lot to discover in and around the Cleponji in this visually impressive episode!



29 Nov 2021

There are numerous ranking lists with something like the "10 worst episodes" or the "10 most powerful ships". I thought it would be fun to have such a format at EAS too, both opinion- and fact-based, and maybe on some more obscure topics as well. Feel free to post your personal ranking in the comments, or contact me if you have an idea for a new list. Let me start with the 10 Biggest Artificial Structures in Star Trek.

27 Nov 2021

Major update! All ships from season 2 of Lower Decks are now in the Starship Database: Lower Decks Starfleet & Federation Ship Classes and Lower Decks Alien Ship Classes. Both pages have more than doubled in size. Thanks to Jörg for several additional finds!

17 Nov 2021

Netflix has clandestinely removed Star Trek Discovery from all of its international streaming services, following a pay-out deal with ViacomCBS. The fourth season, which is set to launch on Paramount+ on November 18, will not be available internationally until some time in 2022. For EAS, this means that there will be no coverage of Discovery's season 4 for the time being. Please refrain from sending me links to illegal streaming platforms!

08 Nov 2021

There are about two dozen new observations by Jörg in the old article on TNG: "The Bonding". Yes, it's a lame episode, but with lots of details to discover!

04 Nov 2021

I have re-ordered the buttons and fields on the upper right of each page. There are a few technical improvements too. For instance, it is now possible to jump to the bottom and open the comments without scrolling all the way down. The page with Star Trek Lower Decks (LOW) Season 2 Guest Reviews is just an example of the layout. But perhaps someone would like to review more episodes of the season?



28 Oct 2021

There is no word on the European release of Star Trek: Prodigy yet, and hence no coverage of the series at EAS for the time being. It looks like I still have time to decide whether Prodigy is worth spending money on an expensive Sky subscription or whether I will wait patiently for other legal options.

24 Oct 2021

See several additions to the Observations in TNG: "Who Watches the Watchers" by Jörg and read the story about the book that Picard gave to Data as a gift.

22 Oct 2021

Two new Disqus threads for topics that are not directly related to EAS pages: Feedback & Suggestions and General Trek Discussion. To post without registration, enter your name and check the box "I'd rather post as a guest".

19 Oct 2021

There are updates on several pages. See very detailed and accurate renders of the USS Salcombe by Daniel Broadway, additions to the Observations in TNG: "The Survivors" by Jörg and three newly identified lamps (Inner Pyramid, Oz Lamp, Noce Sconce) by Eno.

15 Oct 2021

Season 2 of Lower Decks comes to an end in an exciting finale - without hot chocolate but with a naked ship! Here is my review of LOW: "First First Contact".

14 Oct 2021

Reviving the Poll with the question: How do you rate the second season of Lower Decks?

13 Oct 2021

Starship Farragut's final episode is out, after a production time of more than six years. Read my review of "Homecoming"

08 Oct 2021

Read my review of LOW: "wej Duj", which comes with more subtle humor and with a well-balanced intelligent plot. The best episode of Lower Decks so far!

06 Oct 2021

Some smaller updates for today: beautifully detailed Enterprise-A bridge cutaways by Donny Versiga, additions to the article about alien hands, the varieties of Romulan emblems in Lower Decks, a couple of new chairs and lamps (Biconica and Torchiere), newly identified acoustic panels.

05 Oct 2021

The large EAS header image will be switched frequently from now. But don't try to reload pages repeatedly to force a change - the script runs as a cron job and not on page load.

01 Oct 2021

Here is my latest review. In one of its funniest episodes so far, Lower Decks parodies "Starfleet's Greatest Hits" in "I, Excretus".



30 Sep 2021

Jörg and I investigate the characteristic gratings that many ceilings, walls and floors in Star Trek are made of since the time of TNG. Their real-world origin is rather unglamorous. Read everything about Re-Uses of Freezer Spacers. We suspect we still missed several appearances, and the article will be continually updated.

28 Sep 2021

And now for something completely different: my review of the great fan film "Pacific 201" from 2020.

24 Sep 2021

While I'm taking care of the final touches of the site redesign, here is my review of "Where Pleasant Fountains Lie", another very enjoyable Lower Decks episode.

23 Sep 2021

After 23 years, I finally switched the background color of EAS from black to dark gray. The lower contrast reduces the strain on the eyes, and the new shaded page border (visible on desktop devices) serves as an additional guide. Thanks to a CSS filter trick I could avert the creation of half a thousand new thumbnails for the starship database. But there are still many thumbnails and illustrations with black backgrounds left that I have to take care of until they blend in likewise. It will take a couple of days until everything looks as it should.

21 Sep 2021

Added almost two dozen new observations by Jörg to the old article about TNG: "Evolution".

17 Sep 2021

Read my review of the latest adventure of the USS Cerritos, "The Spy Humongous", which avoids the mistakes of the preceding season 2 episodes.

15 Sep 2021

Dozens of new observations by Jörg in TNG episodes, this time in "Shades of Gray" and "The Ensigns of Command".

14 Sep 2021

Several new examples of Commercially Available Lighting in Star Trek and a couple of new Commercially Available Chairs in Star Trek, found in the recent book Star Trek: Designing the Final Frontier and by Eno of Star Trek + Design.

10 Sep 2021

Lower Decks delivers its so far best episode of the second season. Here is my review of "An Embarrassment of Dooplers".

03 Sep 2021

My review of the latest Lower Decks episode, "Mugato, Gumato". It is not the weakest episode of the series, but among other problems its gross (allegedly "adult") humor about violence, feces and sex feels wrong.



27 Aug 2021

Here is my review of the latest Lower Decks episode, "We'll Always Have Tom Paris". I think this episode is a mixed bag with one fair, one mediocre and one annoying plot thread.

20 Aug 2021

Rapunki, when he joined the Seven! Read my review of the most recent episode of Lower Decks, "Kayshon, His Eyes Open", which returns to the kind of humor that I have come to love in the series. Caution: Spoilers about Boimlers!

18 Aug 2021

More new observations by Jörg in TNG season 2 episodes, this time in "Peak Performance".

13 Aug 2021

Here is my review of the season 2 premiere of Lower Decks, "Strange Energies". Such a disappointment after a really good first season!

10 Aug 2021

Another round of new observations by Jörg in TNG season 2 episodes, this time in "Manhunt" and "The Emissary".

05 Aug 2021

More Kurtzman, more Trek shows and more streaming services I have to subscribe to! Here are my comments on the most recent developments.



26 Jul 2021

While I'm slowly recovering, I took care of some small updates. There are several more Commercially Available Chairs in Star Trek (many thanks to Eno from Star Trek + Design) and a comment on the new trailers.

05 Jul 2021

After five months of immobility and pain, I'm going back to the hospital to have my shoulder joint implant repositioned, meaning that I will be out of action for another six weeks. For now, see a few more classic articles with updates, such as Planet Mutations.



30 Jun 2021

I noticed that there is no dedicated article on Starfleet's Miranda class at EAS. Jörg investigated the many appearances of the class as long as 16 years ago. So, with slight delay, here is the article on Miranda Class Variations. It includes all the latest information and summarizes practically everything we know of the studio models as well as of the appearances of the Miranda and derived ship types on screen.

20 Jun 2021

There are more or better screen caps (HD where available) and new references in almost 30 starship articles, some of which were originally written by Jörg more than 15 years ago. See the updates in Redresses of the Orbital Office Complex, Redresses of the Groumall and Redresses of the Akritirian Patrol Ship, for instance.

16 Jun 2021

A new trailer for Star Trek Picard season 2 has dropped. I have written down a few comments on the premise of the season and I can say I am hopeful.

15 Jun 2021

The Star Trek Prodigy cast and characters were presented by Paramount+. Here are a few thoughts on the six alien teens and on the premise of the show.

10 Jun 2021

In a small new article, Jörg and I look at the Redresses of the T'Pau, how the model was turned into the Tosk ship and how its old look was partially restored.

05 Jun 2021

Small updates in various articles. See new observations by Jörg in TNG season 2 episodes, such as in "Samaritan Snare" and most notably in "Up the Long Ladder". Also, I have reworked many classic starship articles, such as the Wolf 359 series or The Bird-of-Prey Size Paradox. There is little new content in this section but the references, image quality and formatting are up to date now.



24 May 2021

The Trek furniture store opens its lighting department! See Commercially Available Lighting in Star Trek and help us find where still unidentified lamps came from. Once again, special thanks to Eno from Star Trek + Design.

15 May 2021

Many more Commercially Available Chairs in Star Trek could be identified with the help of Eno from Star Trek + Design. See also our extended list of Unidentified Chairs in Star Trek and help us find their origin.

13 May 2021

The article on Time Travel in Discovery now includes facts and considerations from season 3. We also found a few more Commercially Available Chairs in Star Trek. And yes, Quark got his bar chairs from a Swedish furniture store! Finally, there are several additions to TNG season 2 observations, mostly in "Where Silence Has Lease", "The Schizoid Man" and "Q Who".

06 May 2021

In order to be prepared for the new stuff to be released later in 2021 and in 2022, there are now index pages for Strange New Worlds and Prodigy, as well as placeholder pages for the five new seasons currently in production.

Comments are open on the new SNW and PRO index pages. Please leave a few words on what you expect from the two upcoming series! Also, anyone who would like to review Discovery's season 3?

04 May 2021

I have collected the Discovery Future Alien Ship Classes from the third season and added a few entries to the Discovery Mirror Universe Ship Classes. Also, watch out for small additions on various pages, such as among the starship-related articles.



26 Apr 2021

It has taken a lot longer than usual, but here are the Discovery Future Federation Ship Classes from the third season.

18 Apr 2021

Several more article updates, mostly to TNG season 2 observations, such as in "Time Squared" and in "The Icarus Factor".

11 Apr 2021

There are several new findings in the rearranged article on Re-Used Props - Stationary Consoles. Thanks to Tadeo D'Oria! See also his recent reconstruction of the Enterprise-C bridge.

04 Apr 2021

While I have to postpone any new features, there are small updates to many articles, such as to the observations in "Contagion" and in "The Royale", the Starfleet Buildings in San Francisco, The Evolution of the Starfleet Medical Emblem, Classical Music in Star Trek and several more.



21 Mar 2021

Cordial thanks to the many people who wished me a speedy recovery! Well, it's going slowly. The right humeral head was smashed and had to be replaced with a prosthesis, leaving the upper arm stiff and weak for now. I can take care of small updates and corrections to the site. I read all feedback but please don't expect a reply.



14 Feb 2021

Just a note that I'm recovering from a severe injury. There will be no site updates and no replies to inquiries for at least six weeks.



28 Jan 2021

Here are the promised Lower Decks Starfleet & Federation Ship Classes.

26 Jan 2021

The starships that appear in Lower Decks will be integrated in the "Animated" category of EAS (for reasons I may explain later in more detail). Here are the Lower Decks Alien Ship Classes (and some other alien vehicles). The Federation ships will follow shortly.

22 Jan 2021

Star Trek: Lower Decks should be available for streaming in many countries today. Without much ado, here are my reviews of all ten episodes of the first season of the new animated series.

08 Jan 2021

The third season of Star Trek Discovery concludes with an exciting but also flawed episode, whose main purpose was to tie up some loose ends. Here is my review of DIS: "That Hope Is You, Part 2".

02 Jan 2021

As the Discovery is in the hands of the Emerald Chain, Michael Burnham struggles to regain control of the ship. But Osyraa comes up with a surprising proposal. Peace to the galaxy? Read my review of DIS: "There Is A Tide...".

01 Jan 2021

Happy New Year 2021! We won't miss you, 2020 (although for me personally, the year was not that bad in several regards).

I have nothing special to report in this log entry, other than a couple of updates to articles, such as Visual Bloopers and Star Trek Clichés.


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